COCKE COUNTY—Halfway through September, the county is still affected by over 500 active COVID-19 cases. A total of 25 new cases were reported on September 13 alone.

In the last seven days, 334 new cases have been reported to the state.

Over those seven days, the county has conducted an average of 115.6 COVID-19 tests per day with a 26.5% positivity rate.

As of September 13, there have been 132 hospitalizations reported to the state. The county’s fatality count remains at 104 lives lost.

The county continues to inch closer and closer to the state mean for vaccinated population. As of this Monday, 47.5% of the Cocke County population had received at least the first shot and 41.1% were fully vaccinated.

The following is a list of surrounding counties showing their total COVID-19 count compared to active cases, as well as their population percentage that has received at least one dose versus percent fully vaccinated:

Sevier: 16,221/1,054 (48.69%/40.15%)

Hamblen: 10,699/950 (39.95%/34.01%)

Greene: 9,930/1,021 (43.61%/38.15%)

Jefferson: 7,727/720 (49.90%/42.71%)

Over the last seven days, Tennessee has ranked as the state with the second-highest rate of new COVID cases per capita, behind only West Virginia. Those cases have resulted in just over 200 new COVID-related fatalities, bringing the state toll to 13,890, according to the CDC.

Across the state, there have now been 6.45 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine administered to fewer than 3.5 million Tennesseans, or about 51% of the population. Of those, about 43.2% of the state population is fully vaccinated.

The CDC reported 38,908 new COVID-19 cases across the nation, which officially pushed the nationwide case count over 41 million American cases since the outbreak of the pandemic.

279 new COVID-related fatalities were reported across the nation, and the total now stands at 658,410 American lives lost.

The national vaccination rate stands at just under 54% of the population fully vaccinated, or about 179 million Americans. This includes over 45 million Americans over the age of 65, meaning about 82.5% of that age group is fully vaccinated.

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