NEWPORT—Deputies Jessica Butler, Bryce Pickens, and Josh Smith along with Lieutenant Zach Shelton and Sergeant Ethan Keys, were dispatched to 7030 Armory Road to Dean’s Bar in reference to an active fight.

Deputies were met by multiple people yelling and screaming. Deputy Pickens found one of the victims bleeding from his chest and arm. Pickens advised Cocke County Central dispatch that he had a victim of stabbing. The victim that Pickens was helping was later identified as Tyler Clevenger.

Reports state that Clevenger had a deep cut to his right forearm and another cut to the right side of his chest. Pickens immediately notified Sgt. Keys that he needed a medical bag to render aid to the victim. Clevenger told Pickens that he was involved in a fight with people outside the bar when he was “stabbed by an older man.”

The report states that while Pickens was speaking with Clevenger the older gentleman in question walked up and people began screaming. Deputy Smith was able to detain the man for questioning. Smith conducted a pat down of the subject and located two knives, which were taken away for safety reasons. The male was later identified as Clifton Shelton, age 63, Newport.

Another victim was found on the ground with a cut above his eye and blood coming out of his ear, according to the report. That victim was identified as Matthew Shelton. Deputies spoke with Shelton who was “extremely intoxicated and would only say that he had been jumped.” Deputy Smith located a third victim identified as Justin Clevenger, who had also been stabbed in the right arm. He stated that he got a call from his brother “Tyler” and he came to the bar to get his brother “out of trouble.”

Deputies were able to determine that Tyler Clevenger was engaging in an argument with Matthew Shelton when Brandon Taylor tried to stop a fight from occurring. After sometime, reports say that Tyler Clevenger engaged in a fistfight with Matthew Shelton.

At some point in time, Clifton Shelton came outside and according to witnesses, was “waving” a knife around. It was determined through statements from the victims and witnesses that Clifton Shelton stabbed both Tyler and Justin Clevenger during the fight. Justin Clevenger was able to identify the knife taken off of Clifton Shelton as the weapon used in the stabbing and after further examination, Deputy Butler and Pickens found blood on the knife.

Clifton Shelton was charged with two counts of Aggravated Assault on Tyler and Justin Clevenger. He was taken to County Jail where deputies observed a blood stain consistent with a “wiping movement from a sharp object” on his pants. The pants were also logged into evidence.

Deputy Pickens and Lt. Zach Shelton located Brandon Taylor later that night. Taylor stated that he was trying to get Tyler Clevenger to leave when Matthew Shelton allegedly struck him in the head with a motorcycle helmet.

The incident is still under investigation.

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