Cosby—When it comes to handling gasoline safely, especially around children, there are simply no excuses. Research shows that most parents know that gasoline is extremely flammable, and its vapors can explode. And they know that children learn from listening to what their parents say — and watching what they do.

During Burn Awareness Week, which runs February 1-7, The Volunteer Firefighter Alliance is partnering with the National Gasoline Safety Project to spread the word to every parent: Gas and Fire Never Mix.

The Volunteer Firefighter Alliance is a non-profit organization that provides free Fire Safety Education Materials to volunteer fire departments, churches, and schools. For Burn Awareness Week, volunteers will be walking door-to-door distributing gas can hangtags throughout the Cosby area.

The National Gasoline Safety Project is a collaborative effort by Shiners Hospitals for Children, Safe Kids USA, and the Portable Fuel Container Manufacturers Association. The initiative includes a website,, where parents can view a video about a teenage gasoline burn survivor and connect with other concerned parents through email, Facebook and Twitter.

The initiative focuses on parents because they are their children’s first line of defense. Parents buy gas, choose where to store it, and teach their children how to handle it.

Every year, about 14,500 Americans die from burn injuries and burn-related infections. Another 1.1 million suffer burn injuries that require medical attention.

Gasoline safety is one of many everyday hazards that the Volunteer Firefighters Alliance is focusing on during Burn Awareness Week 2015.

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