PARROTTSVILLE—Commissioners for the town of Parrottsville recently gathered for their quarterly meeting. They approved several measures including an increase in the town’s court fees.

Mayor Dewayne Daniel said he discussed the increase with town judge, Melissia Ball. Both agreed that an increase to court costs and driving school fees would be beneficial for the town.

The motion to increase the fees was approved by a 2-0 margin. Commissioner Ronnie Hommel was not present for the meeting.

“We may have to have the Administrative Office of the Courts approval in Nashville for the increase, but at least we have approved the resolutions,” said town attorney, Jeff Greene.

The town hopes to use the excess funds created through the increase to better compensate police officers and purchase them new equipment.

Daniel said the town is currently working on purchasing body cams for officers. He said they are detrimental when footage is used during court proceedings.

Another item approved was the allotment of $2,000 for a new pump at Parrottsville’s wastewater plant. Daniel said that one of the plant’s pumps is in dire need of replacement. The workload is being spread out over other pumps, but it is putting stress on the entire system.

Commissioners plan to have the pump replaced as soon as possible.

The town is still in discussions with Newport Utilities on a possible takeover of the wastewater plant.

Daniel initially approached NU asking them to handle the billing for the plant, but talks went further as leadership at the company expressed an interest in handling the entire operation.

Both options are still on the table as NU sorts through any legal issues that may arise. Daniel said that both entities use the same auditing firm and that they “see no issues” with the potential move.

The town is currently putting the finishing touches on the new community center and town hall building near Parrott-Larue-Myers Park. Town Hall is now in the former Cureton home that was purchased by the municipality in 2018.

A ribbon cutting and open house will be held in the near future.

The next council meeting will be held on Thursday, January 6, 2022 at 6 p.m.

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