NEWPORT—A Newport man has been charged after he was found in possession of a large quantity of methamphetamine on Tuesday, Feb. 4.

Newport Police officials identified the male as Christopher Gorrell, 36, Clevenger Cut Off.

On Tuesday, Patrolman Joshyua Shults observed a Nissan Maxima drive through the Walmart parking with expired registration tags.

Upon stopping the vehicle, officers came in contact with the driver, identified as Jeffrey B. St. John and the passenger, identified as Gorrell.

According to the report, officers observed Gorrell placing his hands toward the floorboard. He was then asked to step out of the vehicle. At that time, officers observed crystal like substances falling out of his pants.

Ptl. Shults reported that Gorrell then attempted to put the “crystals”, later identified as methamphetamine, back in his pants pocket.

Gorrell was then placed under arrest without further incident and Patrolman Michael Robey transported him to the Newport Police Department.

Upon arrival, Ptl. Robey said as he removed Gorrell from his patrol vehicle, he observed more methamphetamine that had spilled out in the backseat of the patrol vehicle.

According to the report, as Gorrell was sitting in the police department, more methamphetamine crystals continued to fall from his person. When questioned about the methamphetamine, Gorrell admitted that he attempted to place the baggie of methamphetamine inside a body cavity but the bag busted.

Approximately three ounces of methamphetamine was collected along with $298 in cash.

Gorrell was charged with possession of schedule II and tampering with evidence.

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