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COCKE COUNTY—The new school year is just around the corner, and the County School System would like to remind all Cosby and Cocke County High School students of the dress code.

The dress code is in effect from arrival on campus until school dismissal. Athletic uniforms are exempt from this code.

The dress code is as follows:

1. Garments (Shirts, Blouses, Tunics, and Dresses) must not be cut below the normal arm pit and must not come below the top of the breasts. All garments must cover the torso at all times.

2. Garments must have sleeves or a shoulder strap at least two inches wide. Halter and midriff tops are not permitted as outer garments. Garments that reveal any skin in the midriff are not permitted. Sleeveless tops apply equally to males as to females, but neither student is to wear the “A” undershirt, often referred to as a “wife beater.”

3. Students may wear shorts, skirts, and dresses that are no shorter than four (4) inches above the knee.

4. Opaque tights and/or leggings (opaque tights/leggings are not transparent: skin color is mostly unable to be detected) are to be worn beneath garments that are long enough to cover the front and rear genitalia while student’s arms are down by their sides.

5. Spandex shorts are not permitted. Pajamas/lounge pants are not permitted; nor are house slippers permitted as acceptable shoes.

6. Shorts or leggings must be worn beneath holey jeans; holes are allowed four inches above the knee, and the holes cannot be located in the area of the genitals. Additionally, clothing may not have patches on or around the genital area, and covering inappropriate holes with tape, paper, etc. is not permissible.

7. Suspenders are to remain on the shoulders.

8. Excessively baggy pants are not permitted. Pants are to be secured at the waist, not worn below the hips.

9. All necessary undergarments are to be worn and must not be visible beneath the outer garment.

10. No clothing or accessories may imply or promote alcohol, tobacco, drugs, sex, violence, gangs, racial slurs, or use offensive language.

11. No clothing or accessories may contain messages, slogans, or symbols that promote discord.

12. Head apparel, except for religious or medical purposes, may not be worn inside the school building.

13. Bandanas are not permitted either as clothing or as hair accessories.

14. Anything in question will be at the discretion of an administrator.

The Cocke County School Board approved the dress code for students on December 12, 2019.

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