First District Congresswoman Diana Harshbarger released a statement on Tuesday, in which she adamantly opposed the efforts to remove President Donald Trump from office.

The House introduced the article of impeachment against Trump on Monday and will vote on the matter today.

The move comes after a riot occurred at the Capitol with many entering the building during the incident.

Five individuals lost their lives during the riot, and multiple arrests have been made.

House and Senate Democrats have accused the President of inciting the riot though Trump called for things to be done "legally and patriotically."

“I strongly oppose invoking the 25th Amendment and impeaching the President. After the atrocities on January 6, President Trump announced his full support for a peaceful transition of power. The calls for impeachment are at odds with Joe Biden’s call for unity and will only further the divide. Congressional Democrats have even floated the idea to wait until after Biden’s first one hundred days in office to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate, showing this is nothing more than a way to score political points with their base," Harshbarger said.

“These political debates are distracting from the many more pressing issues facing millions of Americans each day to which Congress should devote this time to solving, such as relief from the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, skyrocketing prescription drug prices, and the opioid epidemic, to name a few.

"We should start focusing on solutions to the important issues effecting Americans. I sincerely wish that Nancy Pelosi exercised the same amount of urgency when Congress was trying to pass COVID relief measures.”

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