Melissia Ball

Melissia Ball

PARROTTSVILLE—Members of Parrottsville’s town council recently met where they discussed several important agenda items.

The meeting was held via Zoom to comply with Gov. Bill Lee’s executive order.

Mayor Dewayne Daniel received a letter from town judge Fred Myers, Jr. announcing his retirement from the position.

Needing to find a replacement, Daniel suggested appointing attorney Melissia Ball to fill the vacancy.

Ball, a partner with Myers at Myers and Ball LLP, has filled in on multiple occasions.

Commissioner Thad Balch made a motion to hire Ball to replace Myers as town judge.

The motion passed by a unanimous vote.

“I spoke with Melissia and she is very honored and pleased to fill the position. We will have her sworn in before our next court date in March,” Daniel said.

Another item of business discussed was the bid process for needed renovations to the inside of the new town hall.

Several changes will be made to make the building ADA compliant. The entry way will also be modified to accommodate those using wheelchairs.

Daniel said one bid was received, and he as well as the other commissioners, felt the amount for the work was overpriced.

The town plans to rebid the work in hopes of finding a lower cost for the needed modifications.

A new computer system with printers will be installed at town hall as well.

The commission awarded the bid to Zach Holt to perform the installation of the new equipment.

Bridge work is finally finished in Parrottsville, but Mayor Daniel is not completely satisfied with the finished product.

He has asked commissioners to inspect the work to see if changes are needed. Daniel has taken photos of things that need further attention including drainage issues that have been created.

The mayor has made contractors and engineers aware of the issues in hopes of finding some simple solutions.

Smoke testing of the town’s sewer system has been completed and it revealed some minor issues.

Mayor Daniel said the town has started the process of applying for a grant to cover the expenses associated with the repairs.

Daniel plans to submit a letter to Newport Utilities General Manager Michael Williford to discuss the utility taking over Parrottsville’s wastewater system.

The mayor said it would be a positive move for the town as all billing would be done through NU if the takeover occurred.

The town hopes to provide more information to the public at future town hall meetings moving forward.

Department reports from the town’s police and volunteer fire department will be featured alongside updates from the parks and recreation board.

The mayor hopes to print these reports and make them available to the public. He said it creates transparency while also showcasing the work of each department.

“I would like to show the public some of the positive things they are doing in the community,” Daniel said.

The next town meeting will take place on Thursday, April 21 at 6 p.m.

The decision on whether the meeting will be in person or via Zoom will be made at a later date.

Look for updates at as well as future editions of the newspaper.

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