NEWPORT—The Cocke County Partnership/Chamber of Commerce has announced that the Tennessee Small Business Development Center (TSBDC) will be available to offer counseling services for existing or potential small business owners and entrepreneurs. On the first Monday of the every month a councilor will be available by appointment at the Cocke County Partnership/Chamber of Commerce office. The next date for counseling is Monday, March 2.

The TSBDC is a network of professional business consultants with 14 centers, one affiliate office and one online center throughout the State of Tennessee. The TSBDC prides itself on providing expert business advice to all types of business whether a manufacturer, retailer, services provider, or a professional.

Over 100,000 businesses have received the TSBDC’s expert counsel in areas ranging from management to finance to international trade. Whatever the need, great or small, the TSBDC has the expert staff and resources on hand to help. These cutting-edge professional services are free and are completely confidential.

Visit to learn more about the services they offer.

The Cocke County Partnership is a service-based organization consisting of the Newport/Cocke County Economic Development Commission, the Newport/Cocke County Chamber of Commerce and the Newport/Cocke County Tourism Council. The purpose of the Cocke County Partnership is to enhance the county’s economic climate and quality of life for its citizens.

Anyone interested in meeting with the TSBDC is asked to contact Lynn Ramsey or Jennifer Ellison at the Cocke County Partnership/Chamber of Commerce office @423-623-7201 to schedule an appointment.

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