NEWPORT—County Trustee Rob Mathis was presented with the honorary title of Colonel Aide de Camp at a recent County Legislative Body meeting.

Colonel Aide de Camp is a regular military commission, which is the American equivalent of being knighted. The honorary title of Colonel is conferred by only a handful of states and certain military units of the British Commonwealth.

It is the highest honor in Tennessee, and those who receive the award are recorded by the Secretary of State of Tennessee with those who have been commissioned into the State Guard and Tennessee National Guard.

The Colonel Aide de Camp may be awarded to a Tennessee citizen for outstanding achievement. Colonel Aide de Camp is only awarded at the request of a member of the Tennessee General Assembly.

Mathis’ commission was signed by Gov. Bill Lee. The commission is the highest honor granted to an individual by the Governor of Tennessee.

The award is considered the equivalent to actual military commissions and the recipient is commissioned as a full Colonel in accordance with the Laws of the State of Tennessee.

Judge Carter Moore gave Mathis his oath of office, and shared some of his accomplishments with those in attendance.

“Rob is a native of Cocke County and received his Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Tennessee in 1997. He also has an additional Bachelor of Science from Western Governors University as well as an MBA,” Moore said.

“He is currently serving as the trustee for Cocke County, and has served in that position since 2010. In 2014 he was voted the East Tennessee Trustee of the Year.

“Prior to that he was a teacher of Mathematics at Cocke County High. He served in that capacity for seven years. From 1997 to 2006 he was a Captain in the United States Army, in which he served a yearlong combat tour in Iraq from Nov. 2004 to Nov. 2005. He was awarded several honors while serving our country.”

In addition, Mathis has also been nominated for the University of Tennessee’s ROTC Hall of Fame. He has been in the American Legion since 2015, and is a member of Gideons International.

Mathis has also been a member of the Newport Kiwanis Club since 2007, serving as club president in 2015.

Moore said the governor couldn’t have made a better choice for this prestigious honor.

“Rob Mathis truly does have a servants heart, and I think that Gov. Lee has made an appropriate choice in naming him Tennessee Aide de Camp.”

After the meeting Mathis took to social media where he thanked his family and fellow county employs for the honor that was bestowed upon him.

“This was such a tremendous honor. Thank you so much to Missy Mathis, Izzie Mathis, Jan Brockwell, Shalee Benson, Judge Carter Moore, Rep. Jeremy Faison, and Governor Bill Lee for making this happen,” Mathis said.

“Thank you also to everyone for your congratulations and kind words. Feeling truly blessed.”

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