Two Donations Make Way for New Parrottsville Library

A new public library will be built in the town of Parrottsville thanks to two local donors. The new library will be constructed near Parrottsville Elementary School. A recent ceremony was held to recognize the donors that made the project possible. From left are Jim McSween, Jeff Greene, Brittany Vick, Mayor Crystal Ottinger, Dolly Blazer, Guy Hommel, Sr., Carlene Thomas Roark, Carl Thomas, Pat Mason and Steve Davidson.

PARROTTSVILLE—The residents of Parrottsville can expect to see a new public library in the works thanks to two generous donations made by local families.

The late Gaylon Thomas left funds in to Cocke County for the specific purpose of establishing a community library in Parrottsville. Thomas had further requested the project be as a memorial to his parents Carl and Lena Belle Thomas and family.

When Guy Hommel, Sr. heard the donation news at a recent Parrottsville Ruritan meeting he knew “he wanted to help make the library happen.” Hommel then decided to deed two acres of property to the county for the future library site. The two acres are located just to the right of the drive to Parrottsville Elementary.

Officials Accept Deed and Funds

Thomas’ niece Carlene Thomas Roark, his brother Carl Thomas and Guy Hommel, Sr. presented county officials and several library board members with the land deed for the two acre tract and a check from the Thomas family.

Cocke County Library Board members Steve Davidson and Pat Mason are working diligently on what Mason describes as “the grunt work” of the project.

“We are already working with contractors and civil engineers to get estimates for approved bids,” said Davidson.

The current Parrottsville Library was part of the old high school’s Home Economics building and is in need of critical repairs.

Cocke County Mayor Crystal Ottinger expressed deep gratitude for both donations and the door that has opened to provide a much needed community facility.

“The county recognizes and appreciates the Thomas and Hommel family contributions to our community. A library brings a sense of community and offers an educational aspect to residents. This is an invaluable donation and we are very grateful to the families and the library board who put the community’s needs above all,” said Ottinger.

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