Lt. Gen. Moore

On September 3, Major Gen. Charles L. Moore, Jr. became a lieutenant general after receiving his third general’s star. Lt. Gen. Moore is deputy commander of U.S. Cyber Command at Fort George G. Meade in Maryland.

A military career that has spanned over 30 years has gained a former Newport man his third general’s star.

During a quiet ceremony on September 3, in a highly classified Air Force facility, Major Gen. Charles L. Moore, Jr. became a lieutenant general. Lt. Gen. Moore is assigned as deputy commander of the U.S. Cyber Command, Fort George G. Meade, Maryland.

Moore currently has been serving as director of operations at the cyber command center not far from the Pentagon, where he had formerly served.

The pinning on of the third star followed the June nominations by President Donald Trump of five Air Force generals. Secretary of Defense Dr. Mark T. Esper made the announcement.

According to a USAF communication, Lt. Gen. Moore joined the USAF in 1989 and later became a fill pilot, commanding officer, and instructor at various AF facilities and most recently at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. He became brigadier general there.

Before becoming a general in commanding flight operations in Italy and Iraq, he flew combat missions in his F-16 over Iraq and Afghanistan. He also served at Nellis AFB with the 57th Wing and before that at Shaw AFB, commanding the 20th Fighter Wing.

Moore’s flight career includes more than 3,000 hours of flight experience in the F-16 warplane and more than 640 combat flight hours.

In 2017, Brig. Gen. Moore joined USCYBERCOM in his current position. During the time he also continued his military education in cybersecurity policy at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Commenting on his work, Lt. Gen. Moore stated, “We have to be able to look globally at the picture that we’re seeing. We have to be able to see what the enemy is doing. We have to know where our forces are positioned and then, obviously, we want to be able to put our forces in the best position so that we can drive enemy activity, as opposed to being in reactive mode.”

In Moore’s role as director of operations, according to the Dept. of Defense, “Moore has helped bring the command strategy of persistent engagement to operations, which is how the organization seeks to implement the Dept. of Defense’s 2018 cyber strategy’s call to ‘Defend Forward’.”

Commenting on Defending Forward to reporters last year, Maj. Gen. Moore, stated the strategy “helps us better protect ourselves. When we do this, we can observe enemy techniques and procedures and their tactics, as well as potentially uncover any tools or weapons that they might be utilizing.”

Lt. Gen. Moore is one of several key USAF leaders who oversee operations across the globe to coordinate both offensive and defensive operations. The information that the teams gather is provided to Army General Paul Nakasone, who is commander of USCYBERCOM.

According to Gen. Nakasone, Moore’s job is tough and difficult. “It takes someone with grit and focus,” he stated.

Lt. Gen. Moore is the son of former Cocke County Executive Charles Lewis and Ellen Moore, of Newport. Lt. Gen. Moore is married to Niki, and they have two children: Walker and Ava, all of whom reside in Arlington, Virginia.

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