NEWPORT—On Friday, April 9, members of the Cocke County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO), Newport Police Department (NPD), Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI), Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO), and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), met at the Cocke County Annex to prepare for the execution of a CCSO led search warrant. At approximately 6 a.m., team members were briefed by DEA TFO/CCSO Major Chuck Evans and CCSO Captain Eric Ramsey.

At 7 a.m. the team members traveled to 1253 Fox Chase Road in Newport, to the residence of Aspen Denton.

CCSO/NPD SWAT Team members breached a front window of the home and deployed CS (tear) gas inside the residence.

Occupants were given verbal commands to exit the residence with their hands up.

Within minutes, Aspen Denton, Dior Davon Nathan (aka “D”) and Audrey Jinks exited the west side of the home and were handcuffed.

Major Evans asked Denton if anyone else was inside the residence, and Denton said “no”.

SWAT Team Members from CCSO, NPD, and JCSO, utilized gas masks to clear the residence and found no one inside.

Members of the Cocke County Fire Department were called to the scene. Firefighters used fans to clear the remaining CS gas from the residence.

Once the residence was clear, officers began their search. During the course of the search, a trap door was found in the living room floor under a chair.

K-9 Deputy Bryce Pickens entered through the door that led under the house and located Eric Campbell hiding under a blanket.

Campbell was removed by officers and placed into custody.

During the search of the residence, officers located baggies, numerous scales, a loaded Glock magazine, Suboxone, a white powder substance in a green envelope, $40.00 U.S.C., receipts, ledgers, three Dell laptops, two iPhones and a bag of I.V. equipment in the master bedroom.

In an outside vehicle and shed, officers located twenty-five .45 caliber bullets, one hundred twenty eight .22 caliber bullets, three bank receipts and an Enterprise Rent a Car receipt.

In the den of the residence, officers located another ledger, and five debit cards.

In the bathroom, officers located a set of digital scales.

In a closet, officers located an iPad, four digital scales, two iPhones, Narcan, $40.00 U.S.C., A Glock pistol case and three debit cards.

Inside a purse that belonged to Denton, officers found $180.00 U.S.C., approximately 1.87 ounces of heroin, an iPhone, numerous gold rings and bracelets.

On the person of Nathan, officers located $2,386.00 U.S.C.

Denton and Nathan were transported to the Cocke County Annex and charged with Possession for Resale of Schedule I (Heroin).

Jinks was released and Campbell was transported to the Cocke County Annex due to numerous Circuit Court Capias’.

All evidence was collected and stored in CCSO evidence for forensic analysis.

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