Dear Editor,

Thank you to the Newport Plain Talk for covering our Grassy Fork Bluegrass Jam so beautifully. You captured the singing, the fine dancing, and wonderful fellowship of the day. The food this year was exceptionally good, many thanks to the good cooks from our school. We would like to thank our talented Grassy Fork students for singing and playing to get us started. They are so musically talented and worked hard with Mr. Pratt this year. We would like to thank musicians, Eli Johnston and Company for their wonderful songs and music. Mountain Edge has blessed our school for years for being a highlight every year. We sure thank Mr. Pratt for gathering bands and performing in his own band, Brookfield Drive. Rita and Mitch Fine sing like angels and while feeling at heaven’s door, we heard the sweet music of the Smith Family. We thank them all so very much for coming.

It was truly a special day. We would also like to thank Ron Farley for working with the sound system. We thank the sweet ladies Wanda Benton, Gail Lane, Grace Freeman, and the Grassy Fork staff for baking desserts for the event. Thank you Ben Watts for grilling hamburgers and hotdogs. Thank you Barbara Holt and Kathy Lemons for making the potato salad, cole slaw, and the best barbeque ever. Thank you Bobby Baxter, Rhett Smith, Grassy Volunteer Fire Dept, and Spanky Holt for helping people park and directing traffic. It was our biggest Bluegrass ever. It seems every year to just get bigger and better. Thank you for the face painting Amanda Anders. Edd and Teresa Black seemed to be helping everywhere, we sure thank them. I sure appreciate my friends from Chattanooga that came to be with us and made sure every child had a special made balloon.

Thank you Amanda Raines for your help at the ticket station. Thank you Clinton Shelton and Brad Wiggins for your generous donations. Many thanks to R.L. and Sonny Leatherwood for the set of tires we were able to sell tickets on.

Our After School staff and children worked over time in the greenhouse this year and we had so many flowers, herbs, and vegetable plants for sale. We thank them for these plants, and we thank our community for buying from us. We still have some good quality plants left.Our country store was a hit. The students learned how to make Grassy Fork Strawberry, Blueberry, and Blackberry Jam and sold out that day. The 8th grade made 2 stack cakes and we sold them.

It is a wonderful school fundraiser and it would not be possible without the hard work and planning of Barbara Holt. If you missed this year, never miss the Grassy Fork Bluegrass Jam. It is the first Saturday of May. Thank you everyone for coming and making this 2019 our best Bluegrass Jam ever at Grassy Fork School.

Many, many thanks to all,

Judy Webb,

Principal, Grassy Fork School

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