Pasture lands are greening against the backdrop of yellow blazes of forsythia in time for St. Patrick’s Day Sunday, and not far behind for our hometown, in the March calendar constellation, is the first day of spring, the Vernal Equinox, arriving 5:58 p.m. on Wednesday, March 20.

We can expect a clear day with a chill in the morning, but this past week has been a mixed weather one. Sam Blanchard braved the rain showers when I saw him at Ace Hardware. He was getting a key made. We talked about the success of the annual St. Jude fundraiser in September at the Edwina Community Center. The benefit raises an average of $20,000 per year making it one of the top 100 St. Jude benefits.

You have noticed the construction going on across the street from the Plain Talk office. Last week I spoke with Dr. Candi Overholt about her plan to open a specialized clinic. You will soon be reading more about what she has in store to keep us healthier.

And it was a perfectly sunny day when I returned to the manufacturing home of Incredible Tiny Homes in the industrial park. I have been visiting with the visionary behind the project, Randy Jones. You will read about how this former schoolteacher got into housing development. Unfortunately the Great Recession put him out of business. Not a quitter, he saw the growing trend in tiny homes. Lucky for Cocke County, he brought his crew and facility to what was the Ace Products property.

I think you will be impressed with his story and plans as I bring you a closer look at the man, his lifestyle, and dreams for affordable housing in America.

Over the past month or two I have collected a few photos so these will speak for where I’ve been and who I’ve seen. You won’t have to labor through another long column this weekend. Get outside, exercise as Dr. Overholt recommends, and do some spring shopping.

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