The single most important way to encourage a love of reading in your child is to read aloud.

Set aside time every day—and read! And take advantage of those unexpected opportunities, too.

Read books your child loves. Read funny poems, fairy tales, or sports stories from the newspaper.

Just read!

If your child is of school age, let him read to you. It’s excellent aural training for your child to “hear” the words out loud, rather than just “in his head.”

Ask your child to read a recipe to you while you are cooking.

Ask an older child to read to a younger child.

Take turns reading aloud when you and your child read together.

Ask your child to read aloud from a library book while you are riding in the car. Everyone can take turns reading aloud on a long trip. It’s good practice, and helps pass the time.

Have your child read the weather report from a newspaper or phone.

Encourage children to present “newscasts” or “special reports” by reading from the newspaper sections, a catalog, or their favorite magazine.

Have children read aloud from comic books or cartoon strips, imitating what they think the characters might sound like.

Regardless of how you do it—just do it! Make it fun. Read!

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