A big shout out to all the children who didn’t win an award, make the honor roll, and barely made it through the school year.

To the children that didn’t get invited to the prom, didn’t get a scholarship to college, and perhaps have to go straight to work out of high school… you are still worthy of a pat on the back and a Facebook post with people talking about how amazing you are.

A big hug to the moms, dads, grandparents, caregivers, and foster parents who stuck by them as they maneuvered the school year.

Some kids have to work twice as hard as other students to get a C. Their achievements deserve recognition.

Don’t forget those kids.

Kindness, creativity and generosity,.. those attributes sadly don’t get the accolades they deserve.

We see you. You are worthy.

(h/t Dana Chavis, FB meme)

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