Rains tapered off finally last Thursday to give Hometown folks a dryer weekend to begin accompanying loved ones and friends for Valentine’s Day, a warm way to deal with a little colder weather.

Did you remember the way things were in early 1975 after seeing the recent Just Plain Talk column and wondering how well those in the old photos have fared. I thought it perfect to take a look at the days after February 14, 1975 as recorded in the Plain Talk pages.

Sports and lifestyles are always popular places to find photos and stories, yet the front page has always gleaned the most attention. The big story in the Feb. 19 Wednesday edition concerned the attempted robbery at Knowles Market off North Street.

The event happened in early evening on Monday, Feb., 17, when Vanda Lee Knowles was at work with employee David Vonderan. Both are deceased and I knew them well. Two men entered the store and were looking for cash. Vanda went outside to flag down help and alert the police.

She went back into the store to confront one of the men who was by then taking cash out of the cash register. She grabbed the money out of his hand. Vonderan also didn’t give in to the robbers who fled after the attempt was foiled. Police arrested two suspects that evening.

A favorite feature then and now because people like to cook and eat is the Cook of the Week column. Mid February Nancy Petrey featured Mrs. Steve (Peggy) Harrison of Chestnut Hill.

Steve and Peggy lived with their three children near Bush Brothers cannery. Steve, who is related to the Harrisons of Cosby, was assistant to the president of the company. Their children were Stephanie, Glennie Kate, and Rebecca Gail. Peggy was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cebo Ford of Grassy Fork and one of five children.

Remember Emery’s? The store ran ads each week and the Feb. 19 ad featured Listerine by the quart for $1.17, reg. price $2.98. Brightside shampoo sold for 27 cents for 3-ounce bottle. Pennzoil oil, two cans for $1.

Harold Smith’s Woodzo Drive-in was showing the Burt Reynolds film, “WW and the Dixie Dance Kings,” also featuring Art Carney and Jerry Reed.

I don’t talk much about the car crash photos and the real tragic ones but there were always photos and coverage of law officers recovering stolen goods. I found one of Sheriff Tom O’Dell you see here. There were others as the sheriff’s dept. dealt with break-ins.

A large tall ad showed a young Hoyt Staton selling Southern Cross Mattresses for $129 at the Furniture Palace. Big K’s ad showed a high wheel cultivator in time for spring tilling for $29.88.

One photo jumped out at me because we have been thinking and worrying about Bill Myers who is hospitalized. He underwent bypass surgery and had complications. It is coincidental I came across the Feb. 1975 Plain Talk photo you see here.

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