There are no words to describe how the year 2020 affected everyone. Our way of doing ordinary, normal tasks has changed. Our thought process has changed, we have to consider things in our decisions we never had to consider before. It seems we have to work around barricades and obstructions at every turn in our life. We could easily let all this discourage us. But then, something wonderful happens.

Celebrate Life had to make changes in the way we chose to serve the cancer community. No monthly meetings till Covid gets under control, no Kickstands Up Against Cancer fundraiser in September, we even had to stop delivering snacks for a while until a “safe” procedure was put into place.We had to re-work our focus and do it with hope and determination relying on the goodness and generosity of people.

We are so very grateful to the Newport Police Department for their fundraising event of No Shave November to benefit Celebrate Life for the third year in a row. Chief of Police Maurice Shults and his staff care for the community in many ways other than law enforcement. We are so proud of them.

Also for the third year in a row, Clayton Home Manufacturers, TRU did fundraising in October for Breast Cancer Awareness and donated $3,210 to Celebrate Life to help with our assistance to local Breast Cancer patients. They are a company with a heart that spreads hope. What a blessing they are to the community.

We have had a challenging year, a trying year, and for some a sad year, and yet HOPE springs eternal. Thank you Newport Police Department and TRU. You have been a shining light in the dark for us.

God bless and heal us in the coming year.


Michelle Sexton, and All of us in Celebrate Life Cancer Support Group

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