I’m writing this in hope that some person or persons can understand the meaning of a thief as related to our cemeteries and in particular Union Cemetery, where the flowers just seem to be walking away.

I recently buried my husband with one beautiful floral arrangement on the tombstone. The floral arrangement vanished overnight. I understand this happens quite often.

My message is this is despicable, immoral, disrespectful and lower than a snake with its belly on the ground. I suspect the flowers wind up at flea markets and yard sales, but who knows?

With this being the lowest of lows, when these thieves die, they don’t deserve to have a memorial flower on their grave marker.

With all the goodness and caring we see right now, with people providing others food, church services being held, health care workers providing love and care, clerks in stores risking their lives for all of us, we also have the worst of ugly—taking the flowers off a dead person’s grave.

I hope the thief will read this and maybe reform and become a decent human being.

Thank you,

Nancy Valentine

PS: Here’s an update! Between May 8 and May 14, the saddle arrangement was returned to my husband’s grave marker. Whoever decided to become a decent person, I very much appreciate it, but it should never have happened in the first place.

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