Dear Editor:

I’m writing in hope I can help the public understand the reasons some departments have different rules at Wal-mart. I’m an employee at Wal-Mart, where several departments are closed because of health and safety reasons.

One such department is the fitting rooms. We posted on the doors that they are closed and customers may not try on clothes at this time. Some customers don’t seem to understand, or they don’t want to understand, the possibilities of harm to them.

The customer could be a carrier, or even have, the COVID-19 virus and not realize it. We don’t want to take the chances of someone spreading this disease. Recently a woman and her daughter tried on more than a dozen pieces of clothing behind the fitting room (not inside the fitting room), then placed the items back on the racks.

Another female crawled under the doors of the fitting room to try on clothes. If we say something to them, sometimes they yell and curse us. They don’t seem to understand the possibilities of danger to themselves, or perhaps they don’t care.

We employees wear masks to try to keep them and ourselves safe. We’re doing our jobs. I know Wal-Mart gets bashed sometimes, but we employees want to keep everyone safe. All we ask is for our customers to allow us to do our jobs. Thank you. Stay safe and well.


Dorothy Gates

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