Dear Editor:

All Americans can agree that the problems we are facing are unbelievable and severe! Without a doubt our leaders in Washington will not address the most important issues.

Yesterday on C-Span a hearing was held finally promulgating that 409 billion dollars is left over from the CARES Act. This comes only days before the end of 2020. We now know this large financial waste will no longer fund the CARES Act after December 31, 2020. It will expire and U.S. citizens’ tax dollars that we were promised would aid the financial dilemmas have vanished.

There have been plenty of meetings supposedly discussing a Heroes Act, which we have been taunted, teased, and misled to believe in stimulus resolution. Yet no such plan has been reached. All this beguiling from Congress as American citizens face hunger, unemployment, extreme violent protests, children being gunned down, small businesses dissolving daily, mental issues rising, and the list goes on!

With highly skilled and seasoned lawmakers in Washington, I’m certain 409 billion dollars is not an oversight! Any legislation for citizens’ welfare would expect the unexpected and be prepared to expedite remedial action! Unemployment will end December 31, 2020, as an example of abuse of power by Congress.

It doesn’t take Maslow to tell us food, shelter, clothing and etc. are basic needs and we can’t survive unless prompt action from our government ensues. There is no excuse!

Jolena Gowan Gibson

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