Dear Editor:

Has anyone ever tuned in to C-Span to watch the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate in session? Did you notice the House has 435 seats and the Senate has 100? Our founding fathers of our great nation intended for our duly-elected officials to sit in these chairs on a daily basis and pass law for all to follow.

It was just in the news last week, Congress plans on being in session 101 days next year. How would you like to have a job that only requires you to be there 101 out of 365 days and make the salary they make? I have a suggestion, with our budget which will never be balanced again, why don’t they sell those fancy seats in the House and Senate and use folding chairs!

The only time I have ever seen the seats actually used is when the President gives his State of the Union address or when they wish to impeach a President. I can see it now, when the new President takes office, here we go again with investigations spending millions and millions of taxpayer dollars and nothing ever becomes of it!

If you are a concerned citizen like myself, I say stop these stupid investigations on President Trump as well as President-elect Biden! Why doesn’t our elected representatives actually sit in their designated seats and actually do something about our health insurance, our veterans, our homeless, folks without jobs, lower prescriptions...I could go on and on. Instead they give tax dollars to countries throughout the world and don’t worry about balancing the budget here at home.

I have to balance by checkbook every month, why can’t they? I can’t write a bad check but Congress can! I don’t wish to hear they aren’t in a room altogether because of the Pandemic...this Pandemic wasn’t here for the past 70 years I lived here on this earth! Why doesn’t our elected representatives vote as what their constituents want them to vote; instead of voting party lines!

This is why we need term limits for elected officials. One term for a Senator which is 6 years, 3 terms for a Congressman which would also be 6 years, then you are out. No pension and actually pay for health insurance like the rest of us. No need to worry about a job, most of you are already millionaires before you took office.

Has any Senator or Congressman said they did not want their paycheck while many Americans are unemployed, about ready to lose their homes and some do not know where their next meal is coming from? The answer is simple, only President Trump has not taken a paycheck since taking office. I am sure that if our elected officials would be in the same boat with many Americans who are struggling to make ends meet, they would actually pass law that would help Americans!

Wake up folks, the grass is not getting any greener with a new President taking office; it is going to be the same old system which will never change until we get a spine and tell our elected representatives to vote what we want passed, actually sit in your designated seat and get something done and stop these stupid investigations that go nowhere except in taxpayer’s pockets.

Phil Weidenburner

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