Driving on Revoked License: Deputy Joshua Malone observed a white Honda sedan in the drive-thru of McDonald’s with an expired tag. Malone ran the tag through dispatch and the plate came back as not being registered to any vehicle. Malone stopped the car and made contact with the driver, Lawrence Ball, 56, Cosby. Ball was asked to provide his driver’s license to which he told Malone he did not have one. Ball was checked through central dispatch and they advised he was revoked for DUI, and was showing to be a habitual offender. Ball was taken into custody and transported to the County Jail. He was charged with Driving on a Revoked License, Financial Responsibility and Violation of Registration Law.

Capias Warrant: Deputy Joshua Boyce observed a male walking down West Highway 25/70 that appeared to be Jason McMahan. Boyce checked McMahan and found one active warrant for his arrest. He stopped the male who identified himself as McMahan. The jail notified Boyce they had a hard copy in hand of an OR bond Capias Warrant. Boyce took McMahan into custody and transported him to the County Jail.

Stolen Vehicle: Deputy Joshua Boyce spoke with Eric Hinz at the Cocke County Sheriff’s Office in regards to a stolen vehicle. He advised that he left his van at his residence located at 641 Briar Thicket Road overnight. Hinz said he returned home from work to find his van missing. The vehicle was valued at $35,000. Hinz provided a description of the vehicle, which included the placement of specific stickers.

Theft of Property: Deputy Tony Bailey was dispatched to Rankin Hill Road for a theft of property report. He spoke with McKenzie Sipe who stated that he left for work on Tuesday morning and when he returned home he noticed his kayak was missing. The kayak was valued at $1,200.

Assault/Battery: Deputy Dan Williams was dispatched to 540 Overlook Way for a possible fight. Upon arrival he was met by the victim, Jerry Belcher, and the witness Johanna Marshburn. Both stated that Michael McAfee had assaulted Belcher while he was waiting on Marshburn to gather her belongings from the residence. Belcher and Marshburn stated that McAfee approached Belcher outside of the residence at which time Belcher attempted to back away causing him to fall backwards over a stack of tires. Belcher reported that McAfee jumped on top of him and began striking him in the face. The report states that Belcher did sustain injuries from the alleged assault including a laceration to his forehead and right cheek. Marshburn gave a similar statement of events. McAfee was taken into custody and transported to the County Jail.

DUI: Deputies were dispatched to the area of Palmer Hollow Road on reports of a vehicle crash with possible injuries. Deputy Zachary Magouirk made contact with Carl Caldwell, Jr. who was confirmed to be the driver of the crashed vehicle. Magouirk’s report states that Caldwell appeared to be very unsteady on his feet and seemed to have a hard time keeping his eyes open. Caldwell did admit that he had taken Xanax, but claimed that it had been earlier in the day, according the report. Caldwell performed poorly on a field sobriety test and was taken into custody. While searching Caldwell’s person, Magouirk reportedly found a bottle of Alprazolam prescribed to Caldwell. Caldwell’s license was also confirmed through central dispatch to be suspended out of Cocke County. Caldwell did consent to have his blood drawn for chemical testing, which was done by first call before he was transported to the County Jail. He faces charges of Driving Under the Influence of Drugs, Driving While License Suspended, Failure to Exercise Due Care and Failure to Maintain Lane.

Catalytic Converter Theft: Deputies were dispatched to 644 West Broadway due to the report of catalytic converters being cut off several vehicles. Upon arriving on scene deputies spoke to Larry Elam and Micah Kartchner who stated their vehicles were parked on Waterville Road from July 5 to July 9. Both men stated that when they returned from their hike and started their vehicles they knew something was wrong. They drove to Performance Muffler where they learned the converters had been cut off both vehicles. The parts cost and damage to the vehicles was estimated at $500 each.


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