Multiple Warrants: Deputy Ed Lindblom and Sergeant Joey Owings went to the Cocke County Jail to serve warrants on Chad Austin McGaha. Upon arrival, Lindblom received 10 active warrants on McGaha. Lindblom served all the warrants on McGaha, who is still currently incarcerated. The warrants included Evading Arrest, Reckless Driving, Failure to Appear, Reckless Endangerment, Failure to Maintain Lane and Speeding.

Failure to Appear: On January 5, Deputy Ed Lindblom and Sergeant Joey Owings served two active warrants for Failure To Appear and Violation of Probation to David Maples. Maples was served the warrants at the Cocke County Jail.

Assault: Deputy Jessica Butler and Sergeant Dylan Norton were dispatched to Tolley Hollow Road in reference to an assault that happened on January 4. Upon arrival, Butler was met by Lisa Click, who stated that her husband Eric Click and his friend, Megan Finchum, had come to her residence the night prior. Click alleged that the two took multiple items from the residence before they left. Click stated that she went to a residence on Greasy Cove Road where her husband and Finchum were staying. She stated that the door was open so she walked in and was allegedly hit in the stomach and kicked in the leg by Finchum. Click said she walked out of the door and her husband locked it behind her. Mrs. Click stated that she knocked on the door, but her husband said it was “jammed” and told her to “beat the door down because it would not open.” Click stated that her husband beat the lock from the inside to get the door open. Click said she walked back into the residence to collect her belongings but did not “touch anything else.” She also stated that the owner of the residence, “J.C.,” came inside and saw her taking her things and said it was “ok.” Click stated that her husband called her and stated that she “destroyed the room.” Sergeant Norton did speak with Mr. Click via telephone, and he stated that Mrs. Click did not have permission to come to inside the residence on Greasy Cove Road. He also stated that no one was assaulted. Norton then spoke with J.C., who stated that Mrs. Click did not have permission to enter the residence. J.C. stated that he did not want to press charges on Click for breaking and entering but he did want her banned from the property.

Warrant: Deputy Randy Forbes received information that Gary Shults was in the Walmart parking lot next to the gas station. Lieutenant Max Laughter advised that Shults had a warrant for his arrest out of Sevier County. Forbes came in contact with Shults in the parking lot as he was exiting his truck and took him in custody. Forbes requested registration information on the Chevy truck Shults was driving which came back not on file. The VIN was entered into dispatch but did not match the Chevy truck. A hold has been placed on the vehicle until the Tennessee Highway Patrol can further investigate the vehicle for proper identification. Shults was transported to the County Jail were he was held until he was transported to Sevier County.

Prohibited Weapons: Deputy Rodney Hazelwood, along with other deputies, responded to Mesquite Road in reference to a domestic disturbance with a firearm involved. Hazelwood made contact with the complainant, Bobby Johnson, at the end of the driveway. Johnson stated that his brother, Donald Leroy Johnson, Jr., had walked over to his residence and the pair got into a verbal argument over their deceased brothers property. Bobby Johnson alleged that his brother threatened him with a large knife. He stated that his brother went back to his residence and got a “sawed off shotgun” and threatened him once again. Deputies made contact with Donald Johnson who was sitting on the front porch of his home. After a check was made for local warrants, the jail advised Johnson had an active probation violation from 2001. Donald Johnson was then placed into handcuffs without incident. Deputies removed a large knife and a handheld taser from Johnson’s person. After speaking with him about the incident, Donald Johnson advised that he went to his brother’s home and got into a verbal argument with him. He claimed that his brother threatened him with a baseball bat and that was when he went home and retrieved a weapon. Deputies then asked Mr. Johnson where the firearm was located, and he advised that it was on the couch under two pillows. Deputies located the firearm and cleared the weapon inside of the home. The gun appeared to be a Marlin 22LR that had been altered to shorten it by several inches. Bobby Johnson declined to press charges in the incident. Donald Johnson was transported to the County Jail on charges of Probation violation and Possession of a Prohibited Weapon.

Possession of Schedule IV: Narcotics Lieutenant Max Laughter was informed by corrections officers at the Cocke County Jail that Casey Peterson had recently been arrested. A short time later, corrections officers found that Peterson was concealing a small bottle containing 24 Xanex on her person after going into the cell. Peterson also had $381 on her person when she came into jail, which was seized after she was charged with Possession Of Schedule IV with intent to resale and Introduction into a Penal Facility.


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