Shoplifting: On June 7, Sergeant David Clevenger responded to a call from Walmart regarding a shoplifter. Clevenger spoke to Loss Prevention Officer, who stated that a white male had placed a bar code from a less expensive item onto an air conditioner priced at $156. After being confronted by a Walmart employee, the man left the item at the service desk and walked out of the store. Police were able to use the tags of the car the man left in to identify him as Eric Johnson, age 29.

DUI: On June 8, police responded to a vehicle accident on Freeman Avenue. At the scene of the accident, Patrolman Paul Weber made contact with Tim Collingsworth, age 40. According to Weber’s report, Collingsworth stated he had been involved in the wreck and was planning on calling a tow truck tomorrow. Collingsworth appeared lethargic and stated to Weber that he had taken Klonopin and Methadone, drugs that affect the central nervous system. Collingsworth performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was transported to the Cocke County Jail Annex.

DUI: On June 9, Patrolman Justin Shelton responded to a call regarding a reckless driver on Cosby Highway. Shelton made contact with a blue Ford F-150 leaving the McDonald’s drive-thru and pulling out onto the road in front of a semi truck, nearly causing a wreck. Shelton then witnessed the vehicle cross two lanes of traffic without a signal, at which point he initiated a traffic stop. The driver was identified as Jennifer Crews, age 28. According to Shelton, Crews had slurred speech and was having trouble keeping her eyes open. Crews performed poorly on a field sobriety test and refused to give a blood sample for testing. She was placed under arrest and transported to the Cocke County Jail Annex.

Possession/Warrants: On June 9, Detective Derrick Webb observed a silver Nissan Quest being driven by Crystal Van Daley, who had an active felony warrant. Webb followed the van to the Cracker Barrel parking lot, where Van Daley and Andy Shepherd, who was wanted for theft, exited the vehicle and went into the store to hide. Officers followed the two inside and detained them while Patrolman Shane Bower secured the vehicle. The vehicle contained a total of 10.24 grams of suspected methamphetamine as well as syringes, baggies, scales and a glass pipe. Both individuals were arrested and transported to the Cocke County Jail Annex.

Assault: On June 9, Captain Matthew Elliot was dispatched to a residence regarding a domestic assault. Elliot spoke to a Melissa Goddard, who stated that her boyfriend, Dustin Ottinger, age 42, had become angry and started punching her in the head, knocking her down. Goddard stated that Ottinger walked away and then came back and started punching and kicking her more. Goddard showed police footage from her home security camera, which showed Ottinger punching and kicking her. Goddard also stated that Ottinger had taken her iPhone from her. Goddard denied EMS treatment, but was advised to go to the ER for care. Ottinger left the scene before police arrived.


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