Domestic Assault: Deputy Randy Forbes was dispatched to 568 Middle Fork Road in Del Rio in reference to an assault that occurred on May 15. Forbes spoke with Kimberly Ziemba, who stated she had gotten into an argument with her husband, Brendt Ziemba, 40, when he struck her in the face. Mrs. Ziemba stated that her husband knocked her down and proceeded to kick her in the head with steel-toed boots. EMS arrived on scene and noted that Ziemba had a cut on her right cheek, scratches on her neck and a bump on her forehead. Brendt Ziemba was arrested and transported to the County Jail. He faces charges of Domestic Assault and Failure to Appear.

Camper Stolen: Deputy Zach Shelton was dispatched to 1510 Hill Road in reference to a camper that had been stolen. Nelson Torres stated that the camper had been parked at his home for around a month while he was replacing the flooring. Torres said he returned from work to find the camper was missing. Shelton spoke with the owners of the camper who stated Torres was working on the camper, and confirmed that they did not remove the camper from the residence. The owner estimated the value of the camper at $89,292.

Possession of Schedule I: Deputy Blake Cupp performed a traffic stop on a silver passenger car that did not have working tag lights. Cupp came in contact with the driver identified as Thomas Newton, 23, 398 Riverwalk Way, Newport, who said he did not have a valid license. Newton was asked if there was anything illegal in the car to which he replied “a little Marijuana.” Newton was placed under arrest at that time. During a search of the vehicle, Cupp found a bag of suspected Marijuana, and 2 grams of suspected Heroin. Newton was charged with Possession of Schedule I.

Truck Stolen: Danny Haynes contacted the Sheriff’s Office to report that his Mazda truck had been stolen on May 15. Haynes stated that he purchased a home in Parrottsville and left the truck at that residence. He stated that he left the residence on May 15 and returned on May 16 to find the truck was missing. Haynes said a 5x8 trailer was stolen from his home two weeks prior to this incident.

Aggravated Assault: Deputies Bryce Pickens and Blake Cupp responded to 402 McCowan Creek Road in reference to a domestic incident that had turned physical. Dispatch advised that a female was armed with a skillet and was beating the door of the residence in an attempt to gain entry. Deputies arrived on scene and heard screaming coming from inside the home. They opened the door and saw Earl Garrison, the victim, holding down Carole Gosa. Garrison stated that he had a relationship with Gosa, but she became “crazy” and started a fight with him on the night in question. He said she tried to hide a weapon once she entered the home, and he took her to the ground and held her their until deputies arrived. Deputy Pickens noticed a knife in close proximity to the couple. The report states that Gosa appeared to be heavily intoxicated on narcotics. Garrison had blood in his mouth, and stated that he was in fear of Gosa. Gosa was arrested and transported to the County Jail. She was charged with Aggravated Assault, Disorderly Conduct and Resisting Arrest.

Vandalism: Sgt. Heath Willis responded to 2988 Old Parrottsville Highway to speak with Kathleen Sexton about damage that was done to her yard. Sexton stated she discovered her backyard and flower garden had been rooted by pigs. She said the neighbor’s pigs and dogs have come to her property multiple times in the past. Sexton said that three dogs and three pigs were in her yard and she watched the three pigs rooting the soil in her flower garden. Willis went to the home of the neighbor, but no one was home and no animals were found at the scene.

Warrants: Lieutenant David Moriarty was dispatched to the Parrottsville Laundromat on the call of a male that was outside screaming at the sky. The complainant stated the male started walking towards Highway 340. Moriarty reported that he could hear screaming while in the area. He located Sydney Buckner, 29, 121 North Highway 340, Bybee, in front of Pizza Plus. Moriarty spoke with Buckner who did not appear to be under the influence at that time. Buckner was checked for warrants and two active capias warrants were found out of Cocke County. Buckner was placed under arrest and transported to the County Jail.

Domestic Assault: Sgt. Joey Owings spoke with Marie Baxter at the Sheriff’s Office about an incident that occurred on May 17. Baxter stated she was coming to town with her son Edward Baxter, 50, 301 Elena Lane, Newport, when the two got into an argument. Mrs. Baxter said her son grabbed her by the hair and started pulling it. She slammed on the breaks to stop the vehicle and Mr. Baxter jumped out of the vehicle. Mrs. Baxter stated that her son physically and mentally abuses her, and she is afraid of him. Warrants have been obtained for Edward Baxter’s arrest.


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