DUI: On June 2, Patrolman Paul Weber initiated a traffic stop for a Silver Mercury Mountaineer that had made a dangerous turn onto Clevenger Cutoff from US 25/70. Weber ran the tags for the vehicle and found that they were expired as of 2019. The driver, Robyn Trouten, age 32, opened the door and attempted to exit her vehicle as Weber approached. According to Weber’s report, Trouten appeared fidgety, was speaking rapidly, and had dilated pupils. Weber asked Trouten to perform a standardized field sobriety test, on which Trouten performed poorly. According to Weber, Trouten appeared to be on a Central Nervous System Stimulant and was placed under arrest for Driving Under the Influence.

DUI/Possession of Schedule: On June 3, Patrolman Paul Weber initiated a traffic stop for a Chevy truck that failed to maintain its lane of travel on Interstate 40 West. The driver, identified as James Hickman, age 48, was fidgety and had dilated pupils, according to Weber’s report. Hickman performed poorly on a field sobriety test. The passenger in the truck, Danielle Dotson, age 39, was found to have 1.8 grams of suspected Cocaine in her purse, as well as a small cut straw consistent with drug use. A search of the car revealed a rolled one-dollar bill with a white residue that appeared to be Cocaine. Both individuals were arrested.

Possession of Suspected Meth: On June 3, Patrolman Joshyua Shults initiated a traffic stop for a white Dodge Nitro with its lights off. According to Shults’ report, the occupants of the vehicle “seemed very nervous,” so Shults requested help from Cocke County Deputy Pickens and his K-9 Partner Kylo. The K-9 alerted officers to the passenger side of the car, where they found a pouch containing 0.33 grams of suspected Methamphetamine, as well as three syringes, a rubber tourniquet, and several clear baggies. The passenger of the vehicle, identified as Tiffany Presley, age 21, was in the backseat with the pouch. Presley was arrested and transported to the Cocke County Jail Annex.

DUI/Reckless Endangerment: On June 3, Patrolman Paul Weber initiated a traffic stop for a Ford driving 80 mph in a 45 mph zone on US 25/70. Weber also witnessed the driver throw a can out of the driver’s side window and onto the road. Weber spoke to the driver, identified as Chase Lewis, age 20. Lewis admitted he knew he was “flying,” and that the can he threw out the window was an open container of beer. Lewis performed poorly on a field sobriety test and was taken into custody.

DUI: On June 3, Sergeant Derek Wright initiated a traffic stop on US 25/70 for a maroon Chevy 4x4 truck that had failed to maintain its lane of travel. The driver, Douglas Stuart, age 59, had glossy, bloodshot eyes, as well as slurred speech. Stuart performed poorly on a field sobriety test and was transported to the Cocke County Jail Annex.

Failure to Exercise Due Care: On June 3, Patrolman Paul Weber observed a motorcycle driver popping a wheelie on West Broadway and initiated a traffic stop. The driver, Joshua Pittenturf, had been issued a citation for popping a wheelie on May 20, as well as several citations for driving while suspended. Pittenturf was found to still be driving on a suspended license, and was placed under arrest.

Possession of Schedule II: On June 3, Patrolwoman Lindsey Laughter initiated a traffic stop for a black Honda Accord with a broken taillight. The occupants of the car consented to a search, which revealed 1.77 grams of suspected Methamphetamine. Police determined Sarah Brown, one of the passengers, was in possession of the substance and placed her under arrest.


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