Possession of Schedule I: Sergeant Joshua Boyce responded to the area of Bogard Road in reference to a red truck with front end damage and the driver stumbling outside of the vehicle. When Boyce arrived on scene he observed a male next to the church who was later identified as Mark Houge. The report states that Houge was unsteady on his feet while speaking to Boyce. Hogue was asked what happened to the truck and he stated that he was driving it on Cosby Highway when another vehicle cut him off. Boyce asked Houge if he had hit anything and he stated he did not, but mentioned there was no damage on the vehicle when he got it from his father earlier that day. When Boyce asked Houge for his driver’s license he leaned up against a building and started to go through his wallet. He closed his eyes at this time and stopped looking for the license. When Boyce stated that he needed Hougue’s license, “he became scared and tossed some of his cards on the ground,” according to the report. Houge resumed going through his wallet looking for his license even though it had fallen on the ground. Boyce had Houge walk towards his patrol car and had asked if he had anything illegal on his person. Houge allegedly stated that he did not and gave Boyce consent to search his person. Boyce found approximately 1.9 grams of suspected heroin located in a pill bottle. Hogue participated in a Field Sobriety Test but performed poorly on all tasks. He was taken into custody and transported to First Call EMS, where he consented to a blood draw. Houge was then transported to the Cocke County Jail. He was charged with Possession of Schedule I and Driving Under the Influence of Drugs.

Capias: Sergeant Joshua Boyce spoke with Lewis Adkins outside the Cocke County Courthouse in reference to a warrant for his arrest. Deputy Rodney Hazelwood checked Adkins through the Cocke County Jail who advised they had a hard copy of the warrant in hand. Boyce placed Adkins under arrest and walked him to the County Jail on the Capias warrant.

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