Probation Violation: Deputy Joshua Boyce served Christian Scheffers with an active Violation of Probation warrant while she was incarcerated at the Cocke County Jail Annex on Wednesday, September 1.

Possession of Schedule I: Deputies spotted Megan Finchum at the Marathon Quikstop in Newport. Finchum had three active warrants for her arrest. Deputy Joshua Boyce placed his cruiser behind Finchum’s car and advised her of the warrants. Finchum was taken into custody at that time. Boyce removed a set of keys from Finchum’s pocket that also held a metal pill container. Boyce asked Finchum if there was anything inside and she allegedly advised there was Heroin inside of the container. Boyce found two clear baggies with suspected Heroin inside along with a clear blue bag with a powdery residue inside. Finchum was transported to the County Jail without incident. The approximate weight of the suspected Heroin within the bags was is 0.9 grams.

Probation Violation: Sergeant Ethan Keys assisted Lieutenant Zach Shelton on a domestic assault call on August 31. Shelton performed a local warrants check through the Cocke County Annex and found that Jason Miller had a citation only Violation of Probation warrant. Miller was cited and given a court date.

Vandalism: Deputy Timothy N. Snapp responded to Hux Market in Parrottsville to a vandalism call on August 30. The owner alleged that Jennifer Parks came onto the property and unplugged the ice machine outside the store between 3 a.m. and 3:15 a.m. The store’s security system showed Parks unplug the ice machine at the time stated by the owner. The store owner advised he did not want to press charges, but wanted Parks to be placed on a no trespass list for the property.

Theft: On Tuesday, August 31 Deputy Alison Brooks was dispatched to 580 Banjo Way in reference to a theft. Brooks spoke with the property manager, Patricia Buchanan, who advised that a vacant mobile home on her property was broken into and several items were taken. Buchanan described the residence as being “ransacked.” According to Buchanan, at least three security cameras were removed from the home along with an assortment of furniture and movies. Buchanan stated that she had a witness, who wished to be anonymous at the time the report was taken, who saw a male subject named “Darius” enter the home and take several items. Buchanan stated that she confronted “Darius” about the incident, but he said he only walked to the residence but did not enter the home or take any items.

Domestic Assault: Deputy Jessica Butler was dispatched to 122 Whipperwill Way in reference to a physical domestic dispute. Butler arrived on scene with Newport Police Department Captain Donald Coakley. Butler went inside the residence to speak with Amy Hight while Coakley spoke with Isaiaz Barcenas on the front porch. Hight stated that Barcenas said some “really hurtful words” to her on the phone and then came home drunk and an argument ensued. Barcenas called the police, and officers told the couple to separate before leaving. Deputy Butler then went to speak with Barcenas on the porch where he stated that Hight allegedly stabbed him in the leg with a screwdriver before going back to her room. Butler’s reports states that she did see a small scratch on Barcenas’ left leg. Butler placed Hight under arrest and transported her to the County Jail.

Theft of Property: Deputy Joshua Boyce responded to 1733 Pat Road in regards to a theft. When he arrived on scene he spoke with the victim who was identified as Cedia York. York stated that she had been staying at a residence on Dark Hollow Road, but left that residence to move in with her grandmother at 1733 Pat Road. York advised that she had left her cell phone at the residence on Dark Hollow and had a debit card sent to that address. York stated that she has been trying to make contact with homeowner to get her belongings back, but she has not gotten a response. Boyce advised York that she could obtain a criminal summons at the Sheriff’s Office to take the individual to court over the items.

Desecration/Theft: Ronald Elmore, II requested to speak with a deputy concerning his father’s gravesite. Elmore said his fathers grave was desecrated a year ago, and once again within the last two months. Elmore said the last time he visited the site was in June of 2021. He decided to go to pay his respects August 29 and found the gravestone turned over and the urn was missing. The site is on Elmore’s mother and uncle’s land. Elmore, his mother, and his uncle say they do not know who desecrated the site or when it actually occurred.


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