Assault/Vandalism: On August 11, police were dispatched to East Broadway Street in regards to a male yelling for help. Police made contact with Nina Williams, age 26, and Michael Reed. Reed stated to police that Williams had broken into his building through wood boards that were covering the windows. Reed stated that he and Williams were dating, and that she had tried to hit him several times with a wood plank and had bitten him on the arm. According to Patrolman Paul Weber’s report, Williams appeared to be under the influence of narcotics. Police placed Williams under arrest, but she resisted by “thrashing her arms and pulling away.” The owner of the property stated he intends to press charges for the damages to the building.

Evading Arrest: On August 11, around 3 a.m. Sergeant William Garber initiated a traffic stop on a motorcycle without an operating taillight. The driver of the motorcycle fled down Cosby Highway at high speeds, driving in the oncoming lane multiple times, before stopping at a residence on Highway 32 and fleeing on foot with a female passenger. The passenger, identified as Olivia Carruba, age 32, was caught and placed under arrest. Inside her backpack, police found a battery operated reciprocating saw and wire strippers, both commonly associated with catalytic converter theft. Police could not locate the driver, identified by Carruba as Payton McCarty, age 25. Arrest warrants were issued for McCarty, and Carruba was transported to the Cocke County Jail Annex.

Reckless Driving/Evading Arrest: On August 11, Patrolman Justin Shelton initiated a traffic stop for a Volkswagen traveling 70 mph in a 50 mph zone on US 25/70. The driver fled onto old Knoxville Highway, traveling over 100 mph, before turning onto Overlook Way and parking. Police found the driver hiding inside a neighbor’s vehicle. The driver was identified as Trent Balson, age 27. The passenger of the vehicle stated that Balson had told her that he had been planning on running from the police if he ever got the chance. She also stated that Balson had thrown a bag of drug paraphernalia into the back seat of the car where he was found. Balson was placed under arrest and transported to the Cocke County Jail Annex.

Possession of Schedule II: On August 11, Patrolman Joshyua Shults was dispatched to O’Reilly Auto Parts on Cosby Highway in response to a male who was unconscious in a vehicle. Shults made contact with the man, John Benson, age 35, and asked him to step out of the vehicle. Police found a glass pipe where Benson had been sitting, and a search of Benson’s person revealed a case containing 0.77 grams of suspected Methamphetamine. Benson stated to police that he was waiting for Ricky McGaha to come out of the store. McGaha was found to have an active warrant for Violation of Probation out of Cocke County. Both individuals were arrested and transported to the Cocke County Jail Annex.

Domestic Assault: On August 12, police were dispatched to Newport Manor in regards to a domestic assault call. Police spoke to Alexas Bailey, who stated that a male had struck her in the face, but refused to give police the man’s name. Officers came into contact with Demarcus Brown, age 33, at Bailey’s residence. Bailey then stated to police that Brown had accused her of stealing money and assaulted her. Brown was placed under arrest, then began resisting officers and tried to avoid being placed in the patrol car. A DCS referral was made regarding Bailey’s child who witnessed the fight.

Domestic Assault: On August 12, police received an assault call from a residence on Waters Road. Police spoke to a 15-year-old girl who stated that she and her father, Delmar Cardona, age 41, had gotten into an argument regarding her school suspension. The girl stated that her father had told her that he was going to “hang her” and “kill her.” She stated that Cardona had begun swinging at her with his belt and slapped her across the face. The girl alleged that she then tried to call the police, but Cardona took the phone from her. The girl said she then scratched Cardona’s face and fled to a neighbor’s house where she called the police from another phone. Cardona stated to police that he only threatened his daughter’s life because she had made threats of self-harm. Cardona was placed under arrest and a referral was made to DCS.


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