Domestic Assault: Deputy Joshua Malone was dispatched to Family Inn West in regards to an irate resident in room that possibly had a gun. Malone spoke to Travis Reagan, who stated his mother’s boyfriend, Brandon Boone, threw an empty liquor bottle at the wall right above where he was sitting. Malone spoke to Melody Reagan, who stated she had been arguing with Boone because he had been “texting other women.” Mrs. Reagan alleged that Boone began screaming and throwing things during the argument. Malone spoke to another resident of the motel, Kalani Stamper, who stated he heard yelling coming from the room, so he went to ask Boone to be quiet and “became hostile.” Stamper left to get the property manager and when he got back, his girlfriend and mother alleged that Boone had a gun. Boone was detained and advised of his Miranda Rights before speaking to deputies. Boone was asked if he had a firearm and he stated he had an “old non-functioning pistol” in his back pocket prior to deputies’ arrival. The firearm was located in a backpack that Boone led deputies to and was found to be stolen in 1984 from Montana. Boone was transported to the Cocke County Jail on charges of Domestic Assault and Theft of Property.

Warrants: On Saturday, October 17 Deputy Randy Forbes conducted a welfare check on a female walking on Highway 160. Brenda Lee Peters stated she was kicked out by her boyfriend and was “walking to the store.” Deputy Forbes checked Peters through the Cocke County Jail and found that she had warrants for Aggravated Domestic Assault and a Vandalism Under $1,000. Deputy Forbes arrested Peters and transported her to the Cocke County Jail without incident.

Vandalism Under $500: Deputy Alison Brooks was dispatched to Shag Road concerning vandalism. Brooks spoke with Dorothy Manning, who showed her a truck with the back windows broken out. Brooks noted that the windows were missing, but did not see any glass around the vehicle. Manning had a child explain to Brooks what had occurred. The juvenile stated that and 8-year-old and 4-year-old broke the windows out in an attempt to get toys out of the truck. The juvenile stated that the incident occurred sometime on Saturday, Oct. 17. Brooks spoke with the children’s mother, who stated that she would not pay for the damages. Manning estimated the damage to the truck to be around $200. Manning was advised that she would need an attorney to sue for the damages.

Drug Possession: On Saturday, October 16 Deputy Randy Forbes was called by Lieutenant Wes Keys to be on the look out for a Green Honda Civic that was not returned to the registered owner in the area of Bridgeport and Highway 73. Deputy Forbes came into contact with a vehicle matching the registration information on Bat Harbor Road and conducted a traffic stop. Forbes came in contact with Megan Finchum. Forbes observed a syringe cap in the driver’s seat of the vehicle. He detained Finchum and conducted a search of the vehicle. During the search multiple syringe caps, syringes and tourniquets were found inside the vehicle. Also found inside the vehicle was a bag of suspected heroin and a bag of suspected methamphetamine. Finchum was taken into custody on Possession of Schedule I and Schedule II, and also cited for joyriding. Forbes transported Finchum to the Cocke County Jail.

Domestic Assault: On Friday, October 15 deputies were dispatched to Trentham Hollow Road in reference to a physical domestic assault. They spoke with Julie Ann Johnson, who stated the she had been in a verbal argument with her husband, Hosea Franklin Johnson, Jr., over a horse. She went on to say that the situation escalated and Mr. Johnson allegedly pushed her to the ground causing scratches and cuts to her left elbow, forearm and hand. Mr. Johnson admitted that he did shove his wife to the ground during the incident. Deputy Randy Forbes placed Mr. Johnson under arrest at that time. Deputy Sergeant Jonathan Ochs transported Johnson to the Cocke County Jail.


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