Failure to Appear: Deputy Alison Brooks was dispatched to 420 Cottage Way in reference to multiple people fighting at the residence. She spoke with all of the parties involved and learned there had been a civil issue between the landlord and tenants. One of the tenants was found to be Clara Cupp. Brooks learned that Cupp had an active warrant for her arrest for Failure to Appear. Brooks placed Cupp under arrest without incident and transported her to the County Jail Annex.

Contempt of Court: Deputy Alison Brooks took a walk-in report at the courthouse on Tuesday, September 14. Brooks spoke with Isaiaz Barcenas who said he has an active Order of Protection against Amy Hight. According to the records, the order is active with a court date set for Hight of September 23. Hight was served with the order on September 8 by Cocke County Sheriff’s Bailiff Sarah Tiller. While speaking with Barcenas, he showed Brooks numerous emails sent to him by Hight, emails that were under a false name. Hight allegedly showed up at Barcenas’ workplace, which is not allowed per the order. While Brooks was speaking with Barcenas he reportedly received notifications from Hight requesting money through an app on his phone. Barcenas and Brooks went to the Sessions Courtroom where Judge Brad Davidson advised Brooks to charge Hight with Contempt of Court.

Burglary: Deputies were dispatched to 2437 Holt Town Road in reference to a break-in. They spoke with William Bowman who said he is a contractor in the process of remodeling the residence for the homeowner, Jan Gallman. Bowman stated that he returned to the home on the morning of September 13 to continue work, and noticed someone had broken into the basement area of the residence and taken various tools. Bowman provided a written list of the tools that were stolen from the residence. The value of the items was in excess of $2,500.


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