Resisting Arrest: Deputy Joshua Boyce responded to 165 Point Oak Drive in reference to a female on the property who had an order of protection against her on August 27. The female was identified as Jennifer Parks, age 36 of Newport. Boyce started to detain Parks and she allegedly started to tense up and attempted to pull away. Parks was then placed taken custody. She was transported to the County Jail for processing on the charges of Violation of Order of Protection, Aggravated Burglary and Resisting Arrest.

Aggravated Assault: Deputy Joshua Boyce and Sergeant Joey Owings responded to 4310 Blacks Mountain Road in reference to a medical incident where a female was cut on her hand. Deputies arrived on scene and spoke with the victim who was identified as Phyllis Hale. Hale had a deep laceration on her right hand. Hale stated that she had gotten into an argument with her boyfriend, Jeffery Bullington, over a TV show. Hale alleged that the argument escalated to being physical when Bullington grabbed her by the throat. Hale stated that Bullington threatened her with a gun. Hale also alleged that Bullington pushed her down. Hale stated that she did not know how she got the laceration on her hand. EMS checked Hale’s hand and advised her that she would need stitches. Hale refused transport to the ER by ambulance. Hale was at a neighbor’s house at that time because Bullington had allegedly taken her phone and threw it out in the road. The neighbor stated that she was going to transport Hale to the ER. Bullington left the residence before deputies’ arrival and charges have been filed for his arrest. He faces charges of Aggravated Assault and Interference with an Emergency Call.

Burglary: Deputies responded to 1531 Nease Road in reference to a break in. When they arrived on scene they spoke with the homeowners who were identified as Victoria and Gregory O’Dell. Gregory O’Dell advised that on Thursday, August 26, he realized that his Springfield XD-40 handgun and $1,300 in cash was no longer where he had them located. O’Dell stated that he had checked before he had to leave the state for work. Mrs. O’Dell stated that miscellaneous jewelry, her Samsung tablet and a speaker were removed from the home as well. Both advised that the last time they had noticed the items in their home was about a week ago. They stated that their two dogs are protective over the property. They also stated that they go in and out as they please through a doggy door on the back door. That is where they believe someone made entry into the residence. There was also pry marks on the front door where it had appeared someone tried to pry the front door open. No charges have been filed at this time due to lack of evidence. The couple did provide names of potential suspects.


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