DUI: Deputy Bryce Pickens was sitting along the roadway at Wilton Springs when a vehicle passed him with no working lights to make the tag visible. Pickens watched as the vehicle failed to stop at a stop sign when it took a right onto Old Highway 32. He caught up to the vehicle and it stopped at Pikey Road. Pickens came in contact with the driver who identified himself as Michael Mathis. The report stated that Mathis’ eyes where bloodshot and glassy, which is common with the consumption of alcohol. Pickens asked the subject if he had been drinking and he allegedly stated no. Mathis consented to a search of the vehicle, and himself. A handgun was found inside the car as well as multiple open containers of alcohol. Mathis was taken into custody and charged with Driving Under the Influence, Improper Tags, Prohibited Handgun Possession and Reckless Driving.

Domestic Assault: Deputies responded to 454 Lower Bogard Road in regard to an assault on an elderly woman. They made contact with Ima Murrell who stated that her son, Eulas Murrell, was drunk and arguing with her when he allegedly started “throwing punches.” Murrell also stated her son grabbed her by the arms when she tried to defend herself. Her great grandson, Brayden Miller, came to her house and called 911. He also bandaged her arms after the incident because both were bleeding. He provided photos of what her arms looked like before being bandaged. Deputies spoke with Eulas Murrell who would not provide a straightforward answer on what happened. Mr. Murrell stated he did not touch his mother, but then said he was just trying to control her because “she is crazy.” Mr. Murrell was placed under arrest for Domestic Assault and Abuse of an Elder. He was transported to the Cocke County Jail.

Domestic Assault: Deputy Alison Brooks was dispatched to 2467 Old Highway 32 in reference to a physical altercation. She came in contact with Jeromy Moss, Kristina Moss and their 12-year-old son. Kristina Moss stated that she and husband had been arguing inside the residence. Mr. Moss allegedly became upset with his wife and started cursing. Mr. Moss attempted to leave the residence, but his wife blocked the doorway preventing him from leaving. Kristina Moss alleged that her husband took his index finger and “jabbed” her in the side. She then admitted that she slapped her husband in the face. The report states that the couple continued to argue until Mr. Moss was able to get inside a vehicle on the property. Mrs. Moss said she took the keys from the vehicle and threw them in the yard. At that time, Mr. Moss allegedly slapped his wife after confronting her about the keys. Their son intervened in the altercation in an attempt to “defend” his mom. Mr. Moss stated that everything his wife said was true and that he only placed his finger in her side in an attempt to get her to move from the doorway so he could leave. It was determined that Kristina Moss was the primary aggressor in the incident. She was placed under arrest and transported to the County Jail.

Disorderly Conduct: Deputy Jessica Butler was dispatched to an address on East Highway 25/70 in reference to an unwanted male on the property. Butler was met by Effie Carver who stated that Kyle Bolin was on the property to get his camper and other belongings but was causing trouble while at the residence. Carver stated that she asked Bolin to leave, but he he refused so she called the police. Deputy Butler went to speak to Bolin who allegedly started yelling and cursing when she tried to explain that he was trespassing on the property. The report states that Bolin refused to listen so he was placed under arrest. Bolin was charged with Disorderly Conduct and Criminal Trespassing.

Aggravated Domestic Assault: Deputies were dispatched to Rural Medical Center in Cosby concerning an assault. The victim in the incident, Christa Davis, stated that she and her husband, Ian Davis, were arguing at their residence when he allegedly pushed her while she was sitting in a chair causing the chair to flip backwards. Mrs. Davis stated she attempted to run upstairs, but her husband jumped on top of her and grabbed her around her throat with both of his hands. Davis alleged that her husband continued to choke her until she thought she was going to “black out.” Deputies noticed Davis’ top lip had already begun to swell; there was blood behind her ear and red marks around her neck. Davis said she was able to get away from the residence and call for help. Ian Davis fled the scene in a black SUV. Warrants have been filed for Davis’ arrest of the charge of Aggravated Assault.

Fraudulent Use of Card: Deputy Joshua Boyce spoke with Margaret Loveday at the Cocke County Sheriff’s Office about a theft on Monday, Sept. 20. Loveday advised that her granddaughter, Destiny Scheffers, had stayed at her residence a few days ago. Loveday said she had looked at her bank statements and noticed that there were unauthorized transactions from her bank account with Tennessee State Bank. Those transactions had the name “Destinee Grace” on them and were used through Facebook Pay. The total of the transactions amounted to just over $384. Loveday has already reported the unauthorized transactions to her bank. She decided to press charges against Scheffers for the theft and fraudulent use of her debit card.


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