Public Intoxication: On September 7, police responded to a call from a residence on Ruble Street regarding a woman who was hiding in the shrubs of a residence that was not her own. Police spoke to Tammy Webb, age 46, who “appeared extremely intoxicated” and was carrying a plastic bottle of alcohol, according to Patrolman Shane Bower’s report. Webb was taken into custody for her own safety.

Possession of Schedule VI: On September 8, Captain Matthew Elliot was conducting business checks and observed a car with a tag that was registered to a different vehicle. Elliot also reportedly observed a plastic bag of suspected Marijuana. After waiting for the vehicle’s owner to return, Elliot initiated a traffic stop and spoke to John Benson, age 35. Benson admitted that the bag did contain Marijuana, and he was issued a citation after the 2.4 ounces of Marijuana were confiscated.

Theft: On September 8, Patrolman Justin Shelton spoke to Steve Foshie of Home Towne Laundry, who stated that on September 6 a male had entered the building and took a laundry cart with him when he left. Foshie identified the individual as Nesbitt Jones, who denied being at the laundromat.

Identity Theft: On September 8, police responded to a call regarding an unconscious man in a church parking lot on Southside Circle. Captain Donald Coakley spoke to the man, who identified himself as Jessie James Hill and gave a false social security number. Police later properly identified him as Bobby Armachain, age 35. Armachain was taken into custody for public intoxication and identity theft.

Possession of Schedule II: On September 8, around 7 p.m. Patrolman Paul Weber witnessed Gary Haney, age 50, driving on Main Street. Weber knew that Haney’s license was suspended and initiated a traffic stop. A search of Haney’s vehicle uncovered several used syringes and 2.14 grams of powder cocaine, as well as four hydrocodone pills in a ring box. Haney was placed under arrest and transported to the Cocke County Jail Annex.

Theft Over $1000: On September 9, police spoke to Lowe’s loss prevention regarding a male who had stolen a 2200-watt Honda generator. The generator was valued at $1,099


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