Possession of Schedule II: Deputy Blake Cupp conducted a traffic stop on a passenger vehicle due to the vehicle leaving the roadway while traveling on Bullard Drive. The vehicle came to a stop at a residence on Apple Court Drive. Cupp made contact with the driver, Timothy Frazier, 38, who did not have a valid license, but was clear for any warrants in Cocke County. Frazier was asked to step out of the vehicle to which he complied. He was asked if anything illegal was inside the vehicle or on his person and Frazier stated “Yes, I have meth in my pocket.” Frazier was placed in handcuffs and the illegal narcotics were found in the right pocket of his pants. Cupp found one bag containing 2.27 grams of Methamphetamine, and one bag containing .5 grams of Cocaine. Frazier was transported to the County Jail on charges of Possession of Schedule II, Failure to Maintain Lane and Driving While License Revoked.

Disorderly Conduct: Sergeant Heath Willis responded to 117 Country View Way in reference to a male subject yelling and cursing, which was keeping other residents awake. Upon arrival, Willis observed Bradley Phillip Brunner, 36 on his porch with his hands held up to the sky screaming. Willis advises Brunner that he was disturbing his neighbors, and at that time Brunner began to yell and speak in “tongues.” Willis interrupted Brunner’s speech and asked him if he had any weapons on him to which he calmly stated no. Willis placed Brunner under arrest at that time. Willis noted that Brunner had a strong odor of alcohol and marijuana coming from his person. He was transported to the County Jail on charges of Disorderly Conduct and Public Intoxication.

Drug Possession: Deputy Joshua Malone was on Whitlock Road when a motorcycle came over a hill and crashed off the side of the roadway. Malone made contact with the driver identified as Eric Ballard, 54, Jefferson Avenue, Newport who stated he was okay. Ballard was found to have active warrants for Failure to Appear from Sessions Court of Cocke County and a Capias from Circuit Court in Cocke County. He was taken into custody at that time. The motorcycle was also found to have an expired registration and no insurance. While searching Ballard’s person Malone found $705.01 and a pipe consistent with the use of narcotics. A black zip up pouch was found in the left saddlebag of the motorcycle. Inside the black pouch was approximately 4.2 ounces of suspected Methamphetamine, multiple bags and a scale. Ballard was charged with Possession of Schedule II, Sale, Delivery, Manufacturing or Possession of Drugs, Unlawful Drug Paraphernalia Uses and Acts.

Public Intoxication: Sergeant Heath Willis responded to 198 Rock Pile Way in Cosby in reference to an individual wanting to speak with law enforcement. Dispatch advised that they had EMS responding as well. Dispatch also advised that the caller, Christian Ball, had called 911 two times earlier in the day and several times on the administration line. Dispatch said Ball called and told them that her face was melting off and she wanted the Army to come over and look over her house. Upon arrival, Willis found Ball laughing hysterically outside the residence. He took Ball into custody and asked if she had taken any illegal narcotics. Ball reportedly giggled and shook her head in a forward and back motion simulating yes. Willis asked Ball if she needed an ambulance and she said no. Ball was transported to the County Jail on charges of Public Intoxication and Misuse of 911.

DUI: Lt. Wes Keys was dispatched to the area of Highway 160 due to a “be on the lookout” advisement from Hamblen County that a red Dodge truck was traveling into Cocke County possibly under the influence. Keys observed the truck turning left onto North Highway 321. Upon approaching the vehicle, he noticed the registration plate was expired. Keys initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle at that time. He made contact with Richard Christian Jones, 26, Morristown, who appeared to be nervous, and handed him a debit card when asked for his license. Keys noted that Jones’ pupils were very small in size. He asked Jones if there was anything in the vehicle that would be considered illegal, and he stated “no.” Jones then gave consent to search the vehicle. He admitted to taking Ativan the night before. Jones’ license was found to be suspended. He was taken into custody and transported to the Cocke County Jail. Jones refused a blood draw after being read the consent advisement. He was charged with Driving Under the Influence, Driving While License Suspended, Failure to Maintain Lane and Violation of Implied Consent.

Aggravated Assault/Theft: Deputy Jessica Butler was dispatched to Newport Medical Center’s Emergency Room in reference to an assault. Butler spoke with Marah Meeks who stated her ex boyfriend, William Crisp, Sr., 50, Newport, saw her walking on Amory Road. Meeks said that Crisp stopped and told her that “if he couldn’t have her nobody else could” and hit her over the head with a big stick. She reported that Crisp took $45, her debit card and busted her Black LG style 5 phone before leaving the scene. A passerby picked Meeks up and brought her to the emergency room where she had staples placed in her head. A warrant has been issued for Crisp on charges of Aggravated Domestic Assault and Theft of Property Under $500.


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