Vandalism: On October 21, Deputy Randy Forbes was dispatched to Finchum Road in reference to an unruly Juvenile. Forbes was met by Christy Naillon, who stated that Madalynn Naillon struck her 2004 Buick with a 2012 Chevy Equinox while in the driveway of the residence. It was also noted there was no juveniles involved in the incident. Deputy Forbes asked Madalynn Naillon what happened and she stated “it was better to hit the car than to hit them.” Forbes detained Naillon at that time. The driver’s side door was damaged on the Buick, and front bumper and driver’s side quarter panel were damaged on the Chevy Equinox. Damage was estimated by the owner to be approximately $1,500. Deputy Forbes transported Madalynn Naillon to the County Jail on the charge of Vandalism Over $500.

Aggravated Assault: On October 19, Deputy Zachary Magouirk was dispatched to the Cosby Dollar General store on the report of an assault. Magouirk made contact with Angie Sweeney, who stated that she and her boyfriend were at 134 Orchard Road cleaning a rental home when a man, identified as Phillip Luckett, walked into the residence and allegedly demanded that the two leave. Sweeney stated that Luckett appeared to be intoxicated at the time and smelled like alcohol. Sweeney stated that Luckett was supposed to do work to the home but did not understand why he wanted her to leave as she was being paid to clean. Sweeney stated that as she and her boyfriend were leaving Luckett began yelling at them and allegedly pulled a handgun from his waist band. The couple proceeded to leave the home and Sweeney said she told Luckett that she would come back and finish her job in the morning. Luckett allegedly stated “if you come back in the morning ill shoot you.” Magouirk was able to make contact Luckett at the residence and noticed a strong odor of alcohol coming from Luckett when he spoke. Luckett first stated that the firearm was in his truck and that he never brandished it during the incident, but it was later discovered that the firearm was still inside of the residence on the kitchen counter. The report states that Luckett later stated that he had “shown” the firearm during the incident. Luckett was taken into custody and transported to the County Jail.

Aggravated Domestic Assault: On October 19, deputies spoke to Jenna Strausbaugh at the Time Out Travel Center concerning a physical domestic altercation. Stausbaugh told Deputy Joshua Malone that she and her boyfriend, Jacob Trent, were arguing when it escalated to Trent slapping her arm. She also stated that Trent had been drinking prior to the incident. Upon arrival at the couples home, Deputy Dylan Norton made contact with Trent who admitted that he and Strausbaugh had been arguing but denied being physical. Based on Strausbaugh’s statement to Deputy Malone, Trent was taken into custody and transported to the jail. Strausbaugh gave more details with her statement saying Trent struck their refrigerator prompting her to leave the home with her children. Strausbaugh exited the home to get in her vehicle and alleged that Trent followed her and her children outside with a knife threatening “slash her tires” and “gut her if he saw the headlights on her vehicle.” No weapons were located in the home or on Trent’s person.


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