Domestic Assault: On May 19, Patrolman Paul Weber responded to an assault call from a residence on Myers Circle. Upon arrival, Weber witnessed a juvenile walking away from the scene while crying. The juvenile stated that his stepfather, Jason Carlisle, 42, Myers Circle, Newport, had choked him and spit on him. The juvenile stated that Carlisle had thrown his mother to the ground and that he broke the juvenile’s phone when he tried to call for help. The juvenile stated that he tried to leave the house and have neighbors call the police, as which point Carlisle followed him outside and grabbed a shotgun from his vehicle. Carlisle was arrested and transported to Cocke County Jail Annex.

Domestic Assault: On May 18, Sergeant Will Garber responded to an assault call from a residence on River Ridge Way. Garber spoke to Denise Liles, who stated that Jonathan Williamson, 37, Cosby, had pushed her against a wall and left bruises on her arm while they were arguing. Liles also stated that Williamson threatened to cut the tires on her car. Williamson was arrested for Domestic Assault and transported to the Cocke County Jail Annex.

Domestic Assault: On May 19, Officer Joshyua Shults witnessed a man holding a woman to the ground against her will on East Broadway. Shults separated the parties and spoke to the woman, who stated that the man, identified as Justin Tucker, 35, Tabor Street, Newport, had pushed her into the yard, poured a drink on her, struck her in the mouth, and held her down. Tucker was taken into custody and transported to the Cocke County Jail Annex. Officer Jordan Douglas transported the woman back to her residence on Tabor Street, and she stated to him that her ex-boyfriend had come to the house with news and Tucker became angry, breaking items inside the house before pushing her outside. A 70-year-old witness claimed that Tucker had stomped on his foot near the time the altercation started.

Domestic Assault: On May 19, Patrolman Jordan Douglas responded to an assault call from a residence on Rice Street. According to the report, Joshua Evans, 19, had been arguing with his juvenile brother when a fight broke out. Evans claimed he was throwing coat hangers at his brother, but the juvenile stated that Evans began punching him in the head and the stomach. Officers determined that Evans was the primary aggressor and took him into custody.

Assault: On May 19, Patrolwoman Lindsey Laughter responded to a call from Quality Inn on Cosby Highway an assault. Laughter spoke to Hitendrakuma Patel, the owner of the hotel, who stated a woman by the name of Cindy Sutton, age 48, Whitmire, SC, had tried to rent a room using credit card information someone was telling her over the phone. Patel would not rent Sutton the room with that payment method, and Sutton became angry. Sutton walked out of the lobby with a luggage cart, and Patel followed her. An employee stated that they witnessed Sutton push Patel onto the ground. Sutton was arrested and admitted to being intoxicated. She was transported to the Cocke County Jail Annex.

Panhandling: On May 20, police responded to a call from the TimeOut Travel Center on US 25/70 regarding three males who were aggressively panhandling in the parking lot near the gas pumps. The three men were identified as Gregory Seth Silver, age 36; Randall S. McCaul, age 60; and Robert Dewayne Reed, age 23. The three men were placed under arrest and transported to the Cocke County Jail Annex without incident.

DUI: On May 20, police responded to a call regarding a vehicle parked along the fenced area near Filbert Street and 6th Street. The occupants of the car were Zachary Noland, age 18, and a juvenile, both of whom admitted to being intoxicated. Noland was arrested and transported to Cocke County Jail, and the juvenile was transported to the Newport Police Department to be picked up by his father.

Theft/Drunkenness: On May 21, Patrolman Shane Bower responded to a call from the Marathon station on Cosby Highway regarding a woman who appeared to be intoxicated. Bower spoke to the woman, who was identified as Lucie Stalcup, age 63. According to the report, Stalcup became belligerent with Bower, at which point she was placed under arrest. Bower found a bottle of Johnny Bootlegger’s liquor in her pocket, which the clerk stated had not been sold to her. Stalcup was transported to Cocke County Jail Annex.

Possession of Schedule II: On May 21, officers were dispatched to a welfare call regarding drug activity. Officers came into contact with Dreama Vance, age 49, and Charles Sutton, age 47. Both individuals were found to be in possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia and were placed under arrest. Police recovered 4.6 grams of suspected Methamphetamine from the individuals, as well as glass pipes, syringes and scales.

Theft: On May 24, Patrolwoman Lindsey Laughter was dispatched to Terrace Apartments in reference to a stolen dog. Laughter spoke with Michael Messer and Emily Sane, who stated that their dog had been stolen from inside their house. Messer stated that his mother Linda Turner and his sister Holli Messer had been let into the house by a friend who was staying with the couple while they were away. According to the report, Police contacted Holli Messer and Linda Turner, who stated they believed that the dog was being kept in its cage for too long. The two admitted to taking the dog to the animal shelter. Both women were issued a citation for theft.

Vandalism: On May 21, Patrolman Chris Silvers responded to a vandalism call from Quality Inn on Cosby Highway. Silvers spoke to Raj Patel, the owner of the hotel. Patel stated that Tyler Gibson, age 23, had stayed in a room for about a month and had caused considerable damage before he left without checking out. Patel stated that Gibson had caused damage to the toilet, the shower, the microwave and the coffee maker. The damage was valued at $750 and a report was filed for the vandalism.

Robbery: On May 22, officers responded to a call from a residence on Freeman Avenue regarding a stolen wallet. Officers spoke to Fernando Martinez, who stated that Stacie Jarvis, age 31, had come to his house to speak to him and asked to borrow ten dollars. Martinez stated that he pulled his wallet out and Jarvis took it from him, ran out the door, and threw the wallet to Eric Phillips, age 32. According to the report, Phillips then pulled a knife on Martinez and threatened him with it before he and Jarvis ran away towards Bicentennial Apartments. Police were unable to make contact with either Jarvis or Phillips.

Warrants: On May 22, officers were dispatched to Long John Silver’s on East Broadway in regards to a female who was unconscious in her car, blocking the drive-thru. Upon arrival, Patrolman Jessy Burgess saw the described vehicle exiting the parking lot and initiated a traffic stop. The driver, identified as Heather Williams, age 40, was found to be driving on a revoked license. She also had an active warrant out of Cocke County and an active Capias out of Sevier County. Williams was placed under arrest and transported to Cocke County Jail Annex.


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