Driving While Revoked: On November 19, Detective Derrick Webb initiated a traffic stop on a Ford Fusion that had pulled onto East Broadway from Empire Street, nearly colliding with Webb’s vehicle. Webb spoke to the driver, who was identified as Edmund Dahm, age 50. Dahm was found to have his license revoked for seven previous counts of DUI with two prior convictions for driving while revoked. Dahm was placed under arrest and the vehicle was released to the passenger.

Fugitive From Justice: Around 6 p.m. on November 21, police received information that Scott Eddington, age 42, who was wanted out of Kentucky, was at a residence on Briggs Avenue. Police traveled to the address and noted a maroon van in the driveway, which they knew belonged to Eddington’s mother. Police could not make contact with anyone at the residence. Later that evening police observed the maroon van and initiated a traffic stop. Eddington was found in the passenger seat and was taken into custody.

Theft/Stolen Medication: On November 19, Patrolman Eli Suggs responded to a call from a residence on English Street in regards to stolen medication. The caller stated that she believed someone had entered her home and stolen 105 Alprazolam pills, 90 Gabapentin pills, and 112 Hydrocodone pills. The called stated that her son visits the residence sometimes, but that he had not been there recently. No warrants have been issued.

Pet Attacked: On November 21, Patrolman Eli Suggs was dispatched to a residence in Jimtown regarding an animal attack. The caller told Suggs that two dogs had bitten her rabbits, causing injury. A witness stated that he was walking his dog when he saw the other two dogs on the property. Officers observed the injuries that the rabbits had incurred, and observed blood on the rabbit cages. Officers located the dogs behind another residence and spoke with the homeowner, who stated the dogs belonged to Chris Britt. Animal Control was called to collect the dogs, as they were not on any restraint. According to Suggs’ report, Animal Control has had issues with these specific dogs and with Britt in the past. A citation will be issued to Britt pending contact.

Domestic Assault: On November 20, police were dispatched to a residence in Northport regarding an assault. Patrolman Brandon Cassady spoke to the victim and her friend, who stated that Frankie Ealy, age 53, had threatened them. The victim stated that Ealy made several remarks, including “I will [expletive] you up,” and “I will make sure you never walk again.” The victim’s friend stated that Ealy threatened to burn her house down. Ealy had been seen near the residence when police arrived, but fled on foot before police were aware that he was the subject. Cassady remained at the residence while police attempted to locate Ealy, who was found hiding behind a nearby residence with a gas can. Ealy was taken into custody and transported to Cocke County Jail Annex.

Domestic Assault: On November 22, police were dispatched to a residence on Old Cave Church Road regarding a domestic assault. Patrolman Paul Weber spoke to the victim, who stated that her brother Dylan Lopez, age 20, had entered their residence and started an argument with her, pushing her into another family member. The victim stated that she tried to leave the situation, but Lopez tried to charge her before their mother intervened. Other witnesses and family members stated that Lopez had indeed pushed and charged the victim. Lopez was placed under arrest and transported to the Cocke County Jail Annex.


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