Domestic Assault: Deputy Colby Franco was advised by Lt. Max Laughter that Dustin James was at the Tobacco Shop next to Rubles Barber Shop. Dustin James, 24, 389 Knoll Drive, Newport, had an active warrant for Domestic Assault. The warrant was confirmed and Franco took James into custody and transported him to the Cocke County Jail.

Escape: Deputy Blake Cupp conducted a traffic stop on a red passenger vehicle due to a shattered windshield that obstructed the driver’s vision while operating the motor vehicle. The driver, Jesse Worthington, 29, 806 Henry Road, Newport, was taken into custody after jail personnel advised Cupp that Worthington had an active Escape warrant. Worthington was taken into custody and transported to the Cocke County Jail.

Violation of Probation: Major Chuck Evans was dispatched to 1851 Whitlock Road on the call of an unresponsive male on scene that had been given one dose of Narcan and remained unconscious. Upon arrival, Evans met Braden Christopher Miller in the driveway. Miller stated “he is ok now,” but refused to cooperate further. Within minutes, a white Nissan sedan driven by Jerry Hunter Scott McClanahan arrived in the driveway. McClanahan exited the vehicle and refused to cooperate as well. Evans entered the residence and began to look for the individual in trouble, but only found Dalton Earl James Miller. Evans asked all three individuals to step outside where an ambulance had arrived on scene. He pulled Braden Miller aside and asked several questions pertaining to the incident. Miller was uncooperative, but finally told Evans that the individual in trouble had left the area in the white sedan. Evans spoke with McClanahan and acknowledged that he drove the unnamed male from the residence and had administered Narcan prior that revived him. All three individuals were checked for warrants and Evan’s found that Dalton Earl James Miller had an existing Violation of Probation out of Cocke County. Evans arrested Dalton Earl James Miller at that time. He was transported to the County Jail by Lt. Ricky Holt.


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