Public Intoxication: On September 28, Patrolman Justin Shelton observed a female acting erratically in the parking lot of Ace Hardware on West Broadway. According to Shelton’s report, the woman was talking to herself and pacing back and forth. When Shelton approached the woman, identified as Jennifer Parks, age 36, she told him, “The call you’re looking for is up there.” Parks told Shelton that she had snorted her prescription medication the day before. Shelton determined that Parks was a danger to herself and took her into custody.

Possession of Schedule II: On September 28, Patrolman Justin Shelton initiated a traffic stop for a vehicle traveling 43mph in a 30mph zone on Morrell Springs Road. The driver was identified as Kenneth Thompson, age 37. Shelton asked if there was anything illegal inside the vehicle, to which Thompson responded that there might be marijuana in the car. A search of the vehicle found a cigarette box containing two glass pipes with residue on them and a bag containing 0.5 grams of suspected methamphetamine. Police also confirmed that Thompson was driving on a suspended driver’s license. Thompson was placed under arrest and transported to Cocke County Jail Annex.

Shoplifting/Possession of Schedule II: On September 28, Patrolwoman Lindsey Laughter responded to a shoplifting call from Walmart. The Loss Prevention Officer informed police that Tyler Kimble, age 21, had concealed several food items and two padlocks in his pockets. Kimble was placed under arrest for shoplifting. Police also found 0.13 grams of suspected methamphetamine in a pill container on Kimble’s keychain. After being transported to the Cocke County Jail Annex, Kimble was found to have two unused needles concealed on his person.

Possession of Schedule III and IV: On September 28, Patrolman Paul Weber initiated a traffic stop on a Honda on East Broadway with a spray painted license plate that was registered to a Ford. The driver was identified as Ashley Kear, age 35. Weber reported a strong smell of marijuana coming from the car. Kear admitted to having several marijuana roaches in the car and gave police consent to search the vehicle. Police found several marijuana cigarettes, half a Suboxone pill, and a pill bottle prescribed to Carl Pruitt, containing 20 Tramadol pills. Kear was placed under arrest and transported to Cocke County Jail Annex.

Possession of Schedule I, II, and IV: On September 29, Patrolman Jordan Douglas initiated a traffic stop on a black Subaru with a tag that was registered to a Pontiac. The driver was identified as William Smith, age 50, and the passenger as Travis Ricker, age 50. Douglas found that Smith was driving on a revoked license and had an active warrant out of Hamblen County for Failure to Appear. Ricker had an active warrant out of Blount County. Both men were placed under arrest. A search of the vehicle revealed a small glass jar containing 10 tablets of suspected Diazepam, three plastic baggies, a glass pipe and a small amount of suspected methamphetamine. All items were found in the passenger’s seat and charged to Ricker, except for the pills, which were found in the center console and charged to both men, as neither claimed ownership.


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