Driving While Revoked: On December 21, Detective Derrick Webb initiated a traffic stop for a green 1999 BMW 71L with a plate that was registered to a tan 2000 Chevrolet Blazer. The driver was identified as Jacen Valentine, age 41. Valentine was found to be driving on a revoked license and was placed under arrest.

DUI/Possession of Schedule II/Theft: On December 21, police were dispatched to Newport Medical Center in response to reports of a suspicious male, identified as Justin Alvarez, age 38, who had been loitering in the lobby. Police were unable to locate Alvarez at the hospital, and searched the surrounding area until they found Alvarez at McDonald’s. Patrolman Jordan Douglas observed Alvarez “jerking his arms erratically and unable to stand.” Alvarez performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was placed under arrest for Driving Under the Influence. While he was looking for the keys to Alvarez’s car for a search, employees told Douglas where Alvarez had been sitting. Douglas found an open syringe and a baggie with approximately one gram of methamphetamine in the trash next to where Alvarez was sitting. Employees showed Douglas security footage of Alvarez dumping the syringe and baggie into the trash when he saw police pulling into the parking lot. Later that day, police responded to a call from Exxon in Eastport regarding a stolen catalytic converter. The incident was caught on camera and police were able to identify Alvarez and his car via the security footage.

Counterfeit: On December 21, police responded to a call from Walgreen’s on East Broadway in regard to a counterfeit $20 bill that was used at the register. The Walgreen’s employee told Patrolman Paul Weber that a young female customer had come in just before midnight the evening prior and tried to make a purchase with the bill. The employee told the girl that she could not accept the bill and stated to Weber “the customer did appear to not know it was a counterfeit.”

Stolen Vehicle: On December 21, detective Derrick Webb discovered a stolen vehicle at Newport Manor. Webb made contact with the resident where the vehicle was parked. When police knocked on the door, the male subject, identified as Ashley Williams, age 54, jumped out the back window of the residence and fled from police. Patrolman Justin Shelton was able to chase down Williams at Senior Way and place him under arrest. After being transported to the Cocke County Jail, Williams was also served with three warrants for Failure to Appear out of Cocke County General Sessions Court.


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