Shoplifting: On May 11, Patrolman Jordan Douglas responded to a shoplifting call from ACE Hardware on West Broadway. Witnesses said a male concealed a YETI cup on his person and walked out without paying for it. The man, identified as Jeffrey Kelly, 29, Roaring Fork Road, Gatlinburg, was found walking down the street. When police approached him about the cup, he claimed it was his. Police informed him he had been seen leaving the store and Kelly claimed he had forgotten to pay for it. Kelly was arrested and Animal Control was called for the husky.

Vandalism/Theft: On May 13, Patrolman Brandon Cassady spoke with Donald McGowan, a security guard at Newport Internal Medicine, who said one of the building’s biohazard lockboxes had been vandalized and the materials inside had been stolen. A report was filed.

Theft: On May 12, Patrolman Brandon Cassady spoke with Alexas Bailey, who said that Dustin James, 23, Old Cave Church Road, Newport, had entered her house on Dykes Street while she was sleeping and had stolen approximately $300 in cash.

Assault: On May 10, Patrolman Jordan Douglas responded to an assault call from a residence on Starlight Drive. According to the report, Devin Pack claimed that she and her mother Tammy Jo Pack, 46, Starlight Drive, Newport, had been arguing when her mother approached her from behind, grabbed her by the hair, and punched her in the right eye. Devin Pack claims her mother threw beer on her and had her in a headlock at one point. Tammy Jo Pack claims her daughter struck her first, but police determined Tammy Jo to be the primary aggressor and placed her under arrest.

Shoplifting: On May 10, Sergeant Derek Wright and Patrolman Paul Weber responded to a shoplifting call from Walmart. The Loss Prevention Officer reported witnessing two women switching bar codes to make expensive items ring up as inexpensive items. Officers spoke to the women, identified as Patricia Rodriguez, 56, Fine Street, Newport, and Nancy Wise, 65, Patter Lane, Newport. Rodriguez was found to have stolen items valued at $91.34, and officers found a total of 11 Oxycodone pills on her person. Wise was found to have stolen items valued at $342.37. Both women were placed under arrest.

Disorderly Conduct: On May 10, Patrolman Paul Weber responded to a call from Newport Medical Center regarding a disorderly patient. According to the report, a woman identified as Kathy Mahurin, 61, North Broadway, Knoxville, stole and ate food from the Food City East Deli and requested an ambulance as she was being escorted out of the store. Mahurin was later discharged from the hospital because she was making 911 calls to complain about her service at the hospital. Mahurin began banging on the ambulance bay doors and was told she was not allowed to come back into the hospital. Mahurin was arrested for disorderly conduct and for interfering with emergency calls.

Assault: On May 11, officers were dispatched to a residence on Smith Street regarding an assault. According to the report, Joshua and Samantha Turner had been arguing when Justin Turner was struck in the face and tried to leave with the couple’s infant. Justin claims Samantha struck him while he was holding the child, but Samantha claims Justin grabbed her hand while she was holding the child, struck her in the face, then tried to take the child out of her arms. Officers were not able to determine the primary aggressor in the case, so both parties were arrested.


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