Criminal Trespassing: Deputies responded to Layman Way in reference to the caller’s son beating on the door of the residence. The caller, Debra Gann, spoke with deputies through a window of the apartment and stated that her son, Elvis Jason Ray Daniels, had been previously arrested, and she did not want him back on her property. Dispatch confirmed that Daniels was banned from the property on Nov. 4. Daniels was found hiding in the storage closet on the backside of Gann’s apartment. He was arrested and transported to the County Jail.

Aggravated Assault: Deputies responded to Old Sevierville Highway in reference to an individual threatening the caller with a knife. Dispatch advised that Brandon Hurst, the assailant, had left the scene in a black KIA Soul. Upon arrival, deputies spoke with a John Weldon and Brandi Hurst. Weldon stated that Brandon Hurst was asked to come over and fix the roof of his home. Brandi Hurst alleged that Mr. Hurst became intoxicated on illegal drugs throughout the day and she asked him to leave. At some point, Weldon said that Mr. Hurst started to go through an abandoned camper, throwing clothes and trash on the ground outside. Weldon said he looked outside and saw a female that accompanied Mr. Hurst tying her arm and inserting a needle. Weldon said he asked Hurst to cleanup the yard at which time he pulled a knife. Weldon walked away and went inside his home. Minutes later, Weldon alleged that Hurst busted through the door of the home and started yelling saying “I should jack you up and kill you.” Brandi Hurst and her mother tried to reason with Mr. Hurst, but he left with two other subjects. Weldon decided to press charges in the incident and warrants have been filed for Hurst’s arrest.

Possession of Schedule II: Deputies Jacob Damron and Blake Cupp initiated a traffic stop on a Silver Ford Focus for running a stop sign and almost causing an accident. After speaking with the occupants of the vehicle, deputies noticed very suspicious behavior and asked them to step out of the vehicle. Each person gave consent to search their person for any illegal items. After a quick pat down, three small bags fell from Michael Collins person. The report states that the bags contained suspected Methamphetamine. Collins was placed under arrest and transported to the County Jail.

DUI: Sergeant Joshua Boyce responded to the area of Highway 160 near Buffalo Road in reference to a possible intoxicated driver stuck in a ditch. Boyce spoke with the driver who was identified as Bobby Echols. The report states that Boyce could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from Echols and he also observed an open bottle of Bud Light in the center console of the vehicle. Boyce instructed Echols to exit the vehicle and when he did, he was very unsteady on his feet and fell over. Echols was arrested at that time and placed in the backseat of Boyce’s patrol vehicle. Echols was found to have a prior DUI in 2018. Echols did admit that he had a handgun in the vehicle in the center console, which was easily accessible. Echols was transported to the County Jail where a Standardized Field Sobriety was conducted. Echols performed poorly on all tests given. He was charged with Driving Under the Influence, Open Container Law and Possession of a Handgun Where Alcohol is Served.

Failure to Appear: On Monday, November 8 Deputy Alison Brooks was patrolling the area of Raines Road when she observed a male subject sitting on a guardrail trying to light a mask on fire. At that time, Brooks conducted a welfare check on the male. The male was identified as Darrell Coleman. Brooks learned via County Jail personnel that Coleman had two active outstanding warrants for Failure to Appear and a Capias warrant. Brooks placed Coleman under arrest and transported him to the County Jail.


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