Aggravated Domestic Assault: On August 10, deputies were dispatched to 1552 Bullard Drive on a domestic disturbance call. They spoke with Heather Vance, who said she had been in an argument with her boyfriend, James Fine, over her son and relationship issues. Vance went on to say the argument escalated and she threw a beer bottle at Fine and, in turn, Fine pushed her causing her to fall and hit her head. Deputies spoke with Fine who gave a similar account of the incident. The report states that the strike from the beer bottle caused a cut behind Fine’s ear along with two small cuts on the back of his head. Vance was taken into custody and transported to the County Jail.

Domestic Assault: Deputy Randy Forbes was dispatched to 1119 C and D Way in reference to a Domestic Disturbance. He met Devin Sullivan, who alleged that during a verbal altercation, Tessa Marie Williams hit him above the eye with her fist. He also stated that he did not want her to live at his residence any longer. Forbes questioned Williams and she admitted that she hit Sullivan because he was going to “put her cat outside.” Williams was arrested at the scene and transported to the County Jail.

Possession of Schedule II, IV: On August 11, Deputy Blake Cupp along with Captain David Robertson traveled to 119 Summerhouse Hollow Road to execute a search warrant on the residence due to narcotic sales. They made contact with Allison Hild-Daniels and her husband Dale Daniels. The couple were asked to step outside the residence to brief them about the search warrant. According to the report, Hild-Daniels stated that the only illegal narcotic that was inside the residence was “Marijuana.” Reports show that deputies found two bags of a green leafy substance believed to be Marijuana, two bags of a clear rock substance believed to be Methamphetamine and a pill bottle containing 30 Alprazolam tablets. Deputies also located several individual bags and a digital scale that are used for narcotic distribution. More than $6,300 in cash was also seized from the residence. Hild-Daniels was arrested and transported to the County Jail. She faces charges of Possession of Schedule II and IV, Simple Possession or Casual Exchange and Unlawful Drug Paraphernalia Uses and Act.

Public Intoxication: Deputy Blake Cupp was in the courtroom in front of Judge Brad Davidson on August 11 when Bernie Coggins was called to the stand for his arrangement on the charge of Driving on a Revoked License. The report states that during his court appearance, Coggins had a hard time standing on his own and also hard a hard time staying awake. Coggins was ordered to consent to a drug screening which showed he was positive for several different narcotics. Coggins was taken into custody without incident.

Assault: Deputy Timothy Snapp responded to 251 Carson Springs Road for an assault call that occurred on August 11. Deputy Snapp arrived and spoke with Justin Parker and Tonya Atkins. They alleged that Dexter Stuart had come to their residence and started arguing about a car. Parker was sitting in his car with the door open when the incident occurred. He stated that Stuart pinned him with the door and started punching him and also kicked him. Parker said he told Stuart he had a gun to encourage him to leave, even though he did not have one. Stuart reportedly went back to his house at 236 Carson Springs Road. Stuart was found to have two outstanding Violation of Probation warrants. Deputies proceeded to Stuarts residence where they found him hiding in a locked garage. He stated that Parker hit him and pulled a gun on him. Stuart was advised of his warrants and deputies attempted to take him into custody. The report states that Stuart would not cooperate and was eventually tased by a deputy. He was taken into custody and additionally charged with Assault and Resisting Arrest.


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