Possession of Schedule II: Deputies served a search warrant on a residence located on Sweetwater Road in Newport in an attempt to recover stolen property. Upon searching the property for the stolen items, deputies found 2.4 grams of a crystal like substance suspected to be Methamphetamine inside the wallet of Dustin Williams. They also found suspected heroin that had been laced with Fentanyl. Williams was placed under arrest and transported to the County Jail.

Domestic Assault: Deputy Zachary Magouirk was dispatched to the Foothills Parkway at the first pull off on the Cosby Highway side on reports of a domestic violence incident. Magouirk made contact with a Amy Ludwig, who stated that she and her stepfather, Ken Ludwig, had gotten into a verbal dispute while she was driving and he was in the passenger seat. Ms. Ludwig stated that Mr. Ludwig became irate and smacked her cell phone out of its mount in the cup holder, before he allegedly elbowed her in the right arm while she was driving. Ms. Ludwig stated that she then pulled over and exited the vehicle in an attempt to get away from Mr. Ludwig. The report states that Mr. Ludwig exited the car and “approached her in an aggressive manner,” at which time Ms. Ludwig said she struck Mr. Ludwig in the face because she feared he would attack her. Magouirk spoke with Mr. Ludwig’s wife, Cosandra Ludwig, who gave the same statement about the event. Cosandra Ludwig stated that as her husband exited the vehicle, she attempted to pull him back in by grabbing his shirt but could not hold him. She stated that she exited the vehicle and had to pull her husband away from Ms. Ludwig. Mr. Ludwig was taken into custody and transported to the County Jail on the charge of Domestic Assault.

Domestic Assault: Deputies were dispatched to Old Parrottsville Highway on a third party domestic disturbance call. The caller, Steve Williamson, advised dispatch that Russell Combs had assaulted his daughter. While responding, dispatch advised that Combs had a 9mm pistol inside the home, per the caller. Dispatch was able to contact the victim via phone who stated she left the residence headed to her father’s house on South Highway 340. Dispatch advised that Combs followed her and started verbally arguing with the victim in the driveway of her father’s property. Dispatch then advised Combs got into his vehicle and headed back to his residence. Upon arrival at the caller’s home, deputies made contact with a Kristan Nicole Willis, who standing outside her vehicle in the driveway. Willis said that her boyfriend had just left and she had been assaulted. Willis said that she had gotten into an argument with Combs about their dog. Willis said they argued over when they were going to have the dog fixed. Willis stated it escalated and Combs began to fuss and say he did everything around the house. Willis stated that Combs began screaming saying that she never does anything and always complains. Willis said she told Combs to leave her alone. At this time, Willis said Combs then pushed her and hit her once with a closed fist in the face. Willis said she tried to get away from Combs, but he was holding her down by her wrists. Willis said she managed to get away from Combs while he was still screaming. Willis said she grabbed her clothes and shoes and left the residence. Willis alleged that Combs said she was lucky he didn’t hurt her any worse. Deputies did observe a red mark on Willis’ face and her bloody lip. Officers went to Combs’ home on November 26 in an attempt to serve the Domestic Assault warrant. Combs was arrested without incident and transported to the County Jail.

Fraud: CCSO Sergeant Joshua Boyce and Deputy Katie Spann were dispatched for phone traffic concerning fraud. Deputies called Daniel Kurtz, who stated he was contacted by the “FEDs,” who stated that he had a warrant for his arrest and needed to send money for his bond. Kurtz was given the name Daniel Bryan, along with a phone number to contact. The caller said Kurtz needed to get a Target gift card for $500 and give Bryan the number off the back of the card to go towards his bond. Kurtz said he did get a $500 gift card and gave Bryan the number off the back. Deputies advised Kurtz that he needed to contact Social Security and his bank to file a dispute.


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