Check Fraud: On September 14, Rebecca Gregg spoke to police regarding a fraudulent check at Tennessee State Bank. Gregg showed Patrolman Jordan Douglas security footage of Akilah Johnson, age 22, entering the bank to cash a check that was later found to be “altered/ficticious.” Gregg also provided a copy of the I.D. Johnson used to open her account.

Shoplifting: On September 15, police spoke to Walmart’s Loss Prevention Officer who stated that Kimberly Bailey, age 22, was seen on camera dropped off without any items in her hands and was later seen picking up a waste can and three pairs of jeans and submitting a false return before leaving.

Shoplifting: On September 16, Patolman Eli Suggs was dispatched to Walmart concerning a shoplifter. Suggs spoke with Dillon Hudson, age 25, who was caught concealing items in a backpack before trying to leave the store. The items included several beverages, cooking spices, air freshener spray, and the backpack itself. The items were valued at $53.00, and Hudson was issued a citation for the theft.

Possession of Schedule II: On September 16, Patrolman Shane Bower approached a car that matched the description of a stolen vehicle that had been reported earlier. Bower saw a 12-gauge, short-barreled shotgun in the vehicle, as well as “what appeared to be a glass methamphetamine pipe” in clear view. Bower parked his car across the street and waited to see who came back to the car. A male exited the gas station where the car was parked, walked toward the vehicle, saw Bower’s patrol car and walked away to the Sunoco station across the street. At that point, police made contact with the male, who identified himself as Ean Shropshire. Shropshire admitted to police that he did not have a driver’s license. A search of the vehicle revealed three bags containing a total of 0.94 grams of suspected Methamphetamine. Shopshire was placed under arrest.


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