Christopher Nathan Conley and Hannah Elizabeth Rowland

Nathan Robert Ponder and Brianna Elizabeth Sluder

James E. Burrowes and Melissa Ann Steele Otto

Joe W. Williams, Jr. and Mary Ann Scarcella

Jason Eli Quinn and Misty Dawn Roberts

Timothy Roger Haerther and Laura Vivian Proper

Michael M. Mathey and Jennifer A. Boland

Jason William Heller and Julia Carole Ammons

James Vincent Haslup, Jr. and Deborah Lynne Proctor Hubbard

Andrew Paul Rockafellow and Marlene Catherine McCarthy

Willie Ray Stokely and Cortnee Sara Pack

Craig Jacob Mayer and Amanda R. Kromm

Cody Lynn Hance and Heather Jane Webb

James Joshua Briggs and Catherine Danielle Bryant

Gary Dean Day and Ulrike Turner Weber

Justin Trey Eatman and Andrea Nicole Williamson

James Parker Weaver and Chelsy Nicole Bradley Presnell

Phillip A. Cook and Hilary M. Hyde

Steven Sean Leatherwood and Kesha Leann Campbell

Tyler James Mace and Natasha Lynn Handley

Austin Alexander Hawk and Rachel Lynn England

Anthony Edd Ramsey and Sandy Jo Austin Loyd

Eric Christopher Smith and Taylor Marie Smith Crowder

Bobby Scott Pennington and April Nicole Bullington

Cody Lane Hembree and Carlee Rhea Crum

Patrick Thomas Brown and Chelsea Rae Adams

Marc Cameron Morgan and Olivia Ariel Marie Walker

Jerry Wesley Sweeten and Lori Maddron Smith Maddron

Brannon Hesley Duncan and Edie Jo Bellew

Erik J. Beakey and Ileana Maria Lopez

William Thomas Mascara and Kailey Anne Buckholz

Jerry Ray Wiand and Tiffany Nicole Rowe Hause

JY Sepulveda and Heather Michelle Labarr Sproles

Edward Robert Sutton and Andrea Leshea McCarthy Hance

Steve Kelnith Hale and Molly Kaytlynn Hall

Yusnier Borrego and Jaclyn Kay Thetford

Richard Louis Kincheloe and Leslie Ann Stepp Johnson

Lattie Wade Burgin and Miranda Leeann Hurst

Quincy Peabo Ramsey and Marissa Kayleen Elliot

Dylan Shane Norton and Ashley Danielle Mihalek

James Robert Reed and McKala Nicole Fox

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