Simple assault and vandalism: On May 5, police responded to a call alleging an assault. The victim stated she was assaulted by Jacen Eugene Valentine, who accused her of stealing $40 while he was asleep. The victim said Valentine grabbed her TV, threw it and broke it, then struck her on the side of the head. Valentine then grabbed a lamp and threw it at the victim, striking her on the leg and breaking the lamp. Valentine was located at his Freeman Avenue residence and admitted to an altercation regarding the theft of $40, but denied hitting the victim. He admitted to breaking the lamp, but said that he did not throw it at the victim. There was a contusion observed on the victim’s leg. The value of the damaged items was $330. Valentine was charged with simple assault and vandalism and booked into the Cocke County Jail.

Drunkenness and vandalism: Police responded May 5 to a call regarding a female slashing tires at an apartment. A witness reported seeing Cassandra Jolene McGhee, 40, stab the two back tires of a black Mitsubishi. She had also removed the car’s tag. When asked where the tag was, McGhee led officers to a patch of weeds where she had thrown the tag. With slurred speech and smelling of alcohol, McGhee was asked if she was under the influence to which she responded she had drank a beer and taken Gabapentin. Being a danger to herself and others, McGhee was placed under arrest and charged with drunkenness and vandalism. Damages to the vehicle were estimated to be $660.

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